featured recipes

Our featured recipes are here to give you a feel for how the numnums recipe platform works. But while we were at it, we personally cooked each of them and vouch that they are delicious! We improve the recipes each time we make them, so we update them regularly with new findings.
  • jacques pepin's braised short ribs in red wine sauce
    This is such a delicious and easy way to prepare braised short ribs. The pressure cooker does most of the heavy lifting. You just need to brown the meat, soften the veggies, toss in some flour, then add everything else. The frozen pearl onions help reduce prep time. We dug this out of a vintage Jacques Pepin book, The Short-Cut Cook. short ribsrendered fatfrozen pearl onionscarrotsgarlicflourherbes de Provencesaltblack pepperred bliss potatoesred wineparsley
  • whole cauliflower with fried capers and crushed almonds
    While this recipe requires about an hour of lead time, this is by far the easiest and tastiest cauliflower preparation we've tried to date! extra virgin olive oilsea saltcauliflowerextra virgin olive oilcapers in brineunsalted butterslivered almonds
  • Thai Basil Chicken - Gai Pad Krapow
    These flavorful bits of meat are easy for kids to eat. Just be sure to reduce or eliminate the chili for children's servings. We freeze this dish into small cubes for easy lunches for our daughter. We often double this easy recipe to make sure that we have enough leftovers for the freezer. oilbirds eye chilishallotgarlicground chickensoy saucefish saucehoneychicken brothThai basilquinoa or brown rice
  • ina garten's cauliflower & celery root soup
    This soup tastes so rich and creamy that it's hard to believe that it only contains 2 tablespoons of cream in it. olive oilyellow onionscelery rootfennelcauliflowerchicken stockkosher saltwaterheavy creamsaltcroutons or cheese crispschivesolive oil
  • jerusalem's turkey and zucchini burgers with creamy sumac sauce
    The flavors in this recipe are clean and complete. The shredded zucchini adds moisture and body to the burgers and the sharp yet creamy sumac sauce compliments it perfectly. Leftovers - whether warm or even cold out of the fridge - are delicious! We like to wrap these burgers in butter leaf lettuce so that they are easy to pick up and eat. lemon zestlemon juicegarlicsumacolive oilsaltblack peppersour creamGreek yogurtturkeyzucchinigreen onionmintcilantrogarliccuminsaltblack peppereggcayenne pepperavocado oilbutter leaf lettuce
  • jacques pepin's watercress soup
    Remember that eggplant salad recipe? Here’s a great way to make use of leftover watercress stems and leaves. Since you purée the soup with a hand blender, you don’t have to worry about chopping your vegetables perfectly. This recipe is easy to make, and the soup is comforting and filling. It also freezes well. This recipe can be made vegan by replacing chicken stock with vegetable broth. Adapted from Essential Pepin. canola oilwatercressceleryoniongarlicsaltpotatochicken stockfried wonton strips