featured recipes

Our featured recipes are here to give you a feel for how the numnums recipe platform works. But while we were at it, we personally cooked each of them and vouch that they are delicious! We improve the recipes each time we make them, so we update them regularly with new findings.
  • jacques pepin's fast & simple asparagus preparation
    We grew up eating steamed asparagus with a side of mayo or a side of homemade thousand island (mayo + ketchup + Tabasco), but always wondered if there was a tastier and easier way to prepare asparagus. I found this in JP’s latest book and was surprised at how tasty the asparagus became through this quick and simple preparation. The true flavors of asparagus simply shine when cooked this way. Our one-year-old loves picking up the pieces to feed to herself. Adapted from JP’s Asparagus Ragout recipe from Essential Pepin. JP does a similar delicious and fast treatment for broccoli on page 124 of his other book More Fast Food My Way. waterolive oilasparagusunsalted buttersalt
  • fluffy pancakes from scratch
    We found this basic pancake recipe online and it turned out delicious! We usually prepare these on the weekend. Cool any leftovers to room temp, then store in the freezer for quick and easy breakfasts during the week. We usually defrost a few pancakes in the microwave then warm them in a non-stick skillet to crisp slightly. butterall-purpose floursugarbaking powdersaltmilkbuttereggvanilla extractavocado oilsyrup/honey/jam and/or powdered sugar
  • cook’s illustrated moqueca (Brazilian seafood stew)
    We appreciate how this recipe can be prepped in advance, and we've revised its preparation to reflect how we operate as a family of three. We front-load all the work so that close to serving time, all that's left to do is boil the stew and throw in the seafood. As a smaller family, we also put away half of the recipe to quickly prepare for the next day. Cooked in its entirety, this stew is fit for company ... the tomatoes and coconut milk come together beautifully with the perfectly cooked seafood! pickled hot cherry peppersonionolive oilsugarsaltonionwhole peeled tomatoescilantrolarge shrimpcodgarlicsaltpepperolive oilred bell peppergreen bell peppersaltsaltcoconut milklimepepper saucecilantro
  • cook’s illustrated harira (moroccan lentil & chickpea soup)
    This soup is an improved, more complex version of the Moroccan chickpea stew we've been making for years. After the mise en place is done, the execution of the soup is rather easy. The orzo in this soup gives it a lovely body and texture. ground coriandersmoked paprikaground cuminground cinnamonred pepper flakesolive oilonioncelerygarlicgingercilantroparsleychicken brothwaterchickpeasbrown lentilscrushed tomatoesorzoSwiss chardlemon juicecilantroparsleysaltpepperlemon wedgesharissa
  • ina garten's overnight Belgian waffles
    Most of the heavy lifting for this delicious waffle recipe is done the night before. The flavor is yeasty and complex; the texture is moist. We make this recipe so often that we've optimized it minimize cleanup. When we don't have time to do the prep for this recipe, we defer to our classic waffle recipe instead. warm wateractive dry yeastsugarwhole milkhoneyunsalted butterkosher saltvanilla extractall-purpose flourextra-large eggsbaking sodaavocado oilbutterpowdered sugarmaple syrupwhipped cream
  • jerusalem's chicken with caramelized onion & cardamom rice
    This recipe is an easy and flavorful one-pot meal that utilizes a whole chicken. It's great for easy entertaining or for cooking on a Sunday to enjoy throughout the week. olive oilonionschickensaltpepperolive oilcardamomwhole clovescinnamon sticksbasmati ricecurrantssaltpepperboiling waterdillcilantroparsleysalt and pepperGreek yogurt
  • cook's illustrated processed carrot salad
    This recipe is a refreshing take on carrot salad. The texture is satisfying and the paprika gives it a delicious smokiness. Since the food processor does most of the heavy lifting, this salad is pretty easy to make. extra-virgin olive oilhoneylemon juicesmoked paprikacayenne peppersaltpeppercarrotspistachiospomegranate seedsmintsaltpomegranate seeds
  • cook's illustrated gougères
    Our two year old daughter calls these "cheese balls." These airy rounds have the texture of the top of a pop over with the flavor of cheese. This recipe utilizes two baking sheets stacked on top of each other to prevent overbrowning. eggsegg whitesaltwaterunsalted buttercayenne pepperall-purpose flourGruyère cheese