featured recipes

Our featured recipes are here to give you a feel for how the numnums recipe platform works. But while we were at it, we personally cooked each of them and vouch that they are delicious! We improve the recipes each time we make them, so we update them regularly with new findings.
  • jacques pepin's lamb navarin
    JP = Jacques Pepin, our kitchen hero We chose to make this dish because Avedano's, a local butcher, happened to carry the cut of meat that we needed, and the meat was also inexpensive. It was also a cold day in SF, and lamb stew for dinner sounded like a great idea. Adapted from JP's Essential Pepin. This is a recipe of his mother's. lamb breast ribletsflouronionpotatoescarrotsgarlicblack pepperherbes de Provencewatersaltbaby peasfresh parsley
  • cook's illustrated panang beef curry
    Our two-year-old daughter loves the well-seasoned bits of tender beef from this recipe! Once the beef has been processed and boiled, this recipe comes together in about 30 minutes. We like serving this with Ina Garten's roasted bok choy. boneless beef short ribsavocado oilThai red curry pastecoconut milkfish saucesugarThai red chilekaffir lime leavesunsalted dry-roasted peanutssteamed rice
  • easy garlic shrimp
    We often make this recipe when the shrimp go on sale at Whole Foods. It is super easy to prepare and everyone in the family enjoys this dish, including our two-year-old our daughter. She especially enjoys bites of shrimp dipped in the sauce. If we have any leftovers, our daughter often eats them - peeled and at room temperature - for lunch the next day. extra virgin olive oilwhite oniongarlickosher saltfreshly ground black peppershrimpbaguetteextra virgin olive oillemon juice
  • ina garten's crunchy iceberg salad with creamy blue cheese
    We have always enjoyed the crunch of wedge salads, but never loved how the toppings would eventually slide off the wedge. This Ina Garten recipe brilliantly solves that problem! mayonnaiseGreek yogurtsherry vinegarRoquefort blue cheeseceleryradishesscallionsiceberg lettuceRoquefort blue cheeseMaldon saltblack pepper
  • ina garten's roasted baby bok choy
    This is our favorite way to prepare bok choy! This technique is super easy and the leaves develop a light delicious char in the oven. Since we are usually cooking for 2-3 people and this dish is best fresh out of the oven, we have halved this recipe from the original. Use a second rimmed baking sheet if doubling this recipe. baby bok choyolive oilsaltblack pepper
  • brined pork chop with filipino vinegar sauce
    Whenever the pork chops are on sale at Whole Foods, this is how we prepare them. This recipe simply combines my mom's pork chop dipping sauce with a basic brine. It's nothing fancy but it's delicious! kosher saltbrown sugarhot watericegarliconionssalt and pepperwhite vinegaravocado oilpork chopssteamed rice
  • zenbelly's best brussels
    The combination of fish sauce and broiling elevate this recipe! This is our new favorite way for preparing Brussels sprouts. This method also results in some nicely charred Brussels sprouts chips that our two-year-old daughter really enjoys! duck fatBrussels sproutsfish saucecoconut sugargingerjalapenolime juice
  • mother-in-law's veggie dip
    We just love this dip. It reminds us of visiting our family during the holidays, and it gets us to eat lots of vegetables. Whenever we, in turn, make it for guests, they always ask what's in it. We'll typically serve it with cucumber as an anchor, and then mix in whatever fresh vegetables are in season. The amounts below are estimates, so feel free to adjust all ingredients to taste. chivesdillmayonnaisesour creambeau monde seasoningcucumber