featured recipes

Our featured recipes are here to give you a feel for how the numnums recipe platform works. But while we were at it, we personally cooked each of them and vouch that they are delicious! We improve the recipes each time we make them, so we update them regularly with new findings.
  • whole cauliflower with fried capers and crushed almonds
    While this recipe requires about an hour of lead time, this is by far the easiest and tastiest cauliflower preparation we've tried to date! extra virgin olive oilsea saltcauliflowerextra virgin olive oilcapers in brineunsalted butterslivered almonds
  • rick bayless' red chileatole mexican soup recipe
    This soup is great for a simple, savory, and healthy weeknight meal. Leftovers taste even better the next day. The spices, zucchini, and shiitake mushrooms make for a great soup base, and the lean chicken adds protein to keep you full. We found the ancho chili powder at our local Rainbow Market where they sell tons of spices in bulk, but Rick Bayless writes that McCormick also makes ancho powder that he likes. Adapted from Rick Bayless' Mexican Everyday. avocado oilwhite oniongarlicancho chile powdermasa harinachicken brothshiitake mushroomszucchiniepazotechicken breastssalt
  • chicken caesar salad recipe from the anthonys
    When our family travelled to Washington DC in 2010 to visit the Anthonys, their long-time family friends, they came home with this amazing chicken caesar salad recipe. We'll often make this after a trip to Costco. We'll shred the breast from the rotisserie chicken, make the croutons from their roasted garlic bread, and cut up romaine lettuce from there. This is a versatile and tasty dish that can be portioned as an appetizer or as a meal. We are always excited when this dish is on the menu for the day. chicken breastsolive oilgarlic breadgarlicsaltlemon juiceWorcestershire saucelight mayonnaisesalt and pepperanchovy pasteextra light olive oilromaineparmesan cheese
  • cooks illustrated technique for boiled corn with melted butter and finely ground salt
    When we use organic corn for this recipe, it turns out so delicious that the butter and salt are completely optional. When we do season with salt, we make it a point to use finely ground salt since it sticks better to the corn. This technique for cooking corn totally works, and is most delicious when enjoyed immediately after cooking and cooling. We butter and salt any leftovers and stash them in the fridge. Then next day we pack them for our 2-year-old's lunches. The corn comes up to room temp by lunch time. cornunsalted buttersalt
  • jacques pepin's lamb navarin
    JP = Jacques Pepin, our kitchen hero We chose to make this dish because Avedano's, a local butcher, happened to carry the cut of meat that we needed, and the meat was also inexpensive. It was also a cold day in SF, and lamb stew for dinner sounded like a great idea. Adapted from JP's Essential Pepin. This is a recipe of his mother's. lamb breast ribletsflouronionpotatoescarrotsgarlicblack pepperherbes de Provencewatersaltbaby peasfresh parsley