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Create a free numnums account in order to test drive our revolutionary recipe platform and get a feel for how it all works. Targeted for culinary business and recipe content owners, here are all the awesome features you can check out.

for your customers

featured recipes

Spotlight your recipes and your business on the numnums platform through our featured recipes option. Your customers can search, sort, browse, and select recipes. We even list cookware they’ll need to be fully prepared to cook your recipes. If your customer loves a recipe, they can easily share it with their friends which helps attract new customers to your business!

digital shopping list

Give your customers the ability to create an instant mobile shopping list of all the ingredients they’ll need for a recipe. Your customers can easily sort their list by grocery store, section of the store, ingredients, and more! See it in action in the video.

easy-to-follow recipe design

The days of frustrating cooking instructions are over! Each numnums recipe is designed for compatibility with phone, tablets and even print. Our design makes the cooking process easier and more efficient by helping the user understand which ingredients correspond with each step!

for your business

your own recipe website

Like the look and feel of the numnums platform but want to maintain your business brand? Not a problem! We can implement your recipes on the numnums platform but your customers will only see your business brand. Improve your customer’s experience while maintaining your brand image! See our example paleo microsite.

be remembered with branded cookbooks

What better way to impress your customers than with a branded cookbook of your recipes! Simply print your published recipes on-demand to a PDF and wow your customers with an impressive personal touch! Try it for yourself through our example paleo microsite.

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Check out our small business plans and contact us to get started!

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If you need help or have any questions, please check out our FAQ or contact us and we'll be back in touch at our earliest opportunity.