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Building a revolutionary recipe platform is no ordinary task, but we're pretty extraordinary.
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Carmelita Oguro
favorite recipe Slanted Door's spring rolls
Collin Oguro
Design Guy, Co-founder
favorite recipe Steak with kimchi butter
Jack Harper
Dev Guy
favorite recipe Herb-marinated pork tenderloins
Tim Farley
Dev Guy
favorite recipe Moroccan chickpea stew
industry rule #4,080 ANTI JERKS
the homebase SFC Baaaaaayyyy Areeeeeeeeaaaa!
Ramylle Gache
Content Manager
favorite recipe Red quinoa salad
Darren Kunitake
Content Manager
favorite recipe Big D's beef machaca
We're a group of nice peeps who like to work with other nice peeps. We care a lot about problem solving, attention to detail, and awesome execution. Want to be part of what we're building? Hit us up!
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