breakfast smoothie recipe

breakfast smoothie recipe
cored and quartered
peeled and roughly chopped
peeled and roughly chopped
washed and de-stemmed (see notes below)
fresh or pre-peeled then frozen
seasonal fruit
or whatever other fruit you have on hand
ginger root
this usually only goes in on the weekends when we have time to fuss with ginger
almond milk or orange juice
but not both
almond butter
plain yogurt
chia seeds
flax seeds
Working with Bryan Harvey on his smoothie recipe for the First Descents cookbook encouraged us to add smoothies to our breakfast repertoire. Smoothies are a great way to get in your veggies and fruits for the day. Our recipe contains the combination of fruits, veggies, and goodies that our team enjoys the most. This is an especially delicious breakfast on warm mornings. :)
Combine all the fruits, veggies, and liquid into the blender and puree.
Spoon in the almond butter and yogurt. Also add the chia and flax seed then pulse to combine.
Add a cup of ice and blend until smooth.
Taste the smoothie and add honey only if needed then blend again to combine. (Sometimes a ripe banana is all you need to sweeten the smoothie.) Pour the smoothie into cups, add a straw, and enjoy immediately.
To help speed up processing in the mornings, we usually de-stem the kale then wash and dry it in a salad spinner. We wash and spin it until no more dirt or sediment is visible in the water that spins off from the kale. We then store the washed kale in a paper towel-lined Ziplock bag in our produce drawer and use it throughout the week. When we make a smoothie, we just grab a fistful of kale and toss it in.