whisked ca phe sua da

1 tbsp condensed milk
or to taste
1 oz espresso
  • cocktail whisk or any whisk small enough to fit into a cup
We made ca phe sua da, Vietnamese coffee with milk, one night on a whim. We simply took some left over condensed milk (from the french toast crunch recipe) and added an espresso shot to it. What made it awesome was that when we mixed it, we used a cocktail whisk, and whisking it created a wonderful froth.
Add condensed milk to serving glass.
Pour hot espresso over the condensed milk and whisk to stir.
I agonized whether to include a link to a single whisk or the set of two. I chose the set of two because you can never have enough of these. I am a huge fan of whisks in general. Nothing can blend ingredients, dissolve sugar into liquids, or emulsify salad dressings like a whisk. I personally use the mini whisks for everything, from dissolving honey into lemon for a cocktail, to whisking a single egg for myself to cook a small omelet. In this recipe, the froth finish was a pleasant, yet unexpected by-product of me being really anal and OCD about making sure that all the condensed milk dissolved into the espresso.

We like to use short, double-walled cups for this drink so that you can appreciate the caramel color of the drink as well as admire the foam layer’s profile from the side.