maple syrup spam musubi

1 can SPAM
maple syrup
3 cups cooked rice
preferably brown rice, but Calrose rice works well too
12 sheets sushi nori
seaweed wrapper used in sushi
  • non-stick frying pan
This snack is reminiscent of the many snowboarding trips Collin and Carm made during their first few years together. They would eat these musubis in the car or on the mountain. Carm used to sprinkle the SPAM with sugar to create a caremelized crust, but then recently revised the technique. She loves it when syrup wanders towards the sausages on her breakfast plate, so she enhanced the SPAM with a maple syrup coating instead.
Kick off the rice-cooking while prepping the other ingredients. Cut the SPAM into ¼” pieces or into whatever thickness you prefer.
Cook the SPAM in a non-stick frying pan. Heat each side under medium-low heat for a few minutes. After the SPAM has browned, top each piece with maple syrup. Flip to coat each piece in the frying pan. Continue to cook the SPAM until the syrup caramelizes and thickens. Rest the caramelized spam off heat inside of the pan.
Create a musubi assembly station by laying out the following items: Nori (seaweed) cut in half, cooked rice, and SPAM.
Assemble the musubi by rolling/pressing the rice and spam into a rectangular form. Wrap the seaweed tightly around it. Seal with a thin coat of water if needed, but if the rice is warm, the steam from the rice is usually enough to seal the nori, especially if you set it seal-side down.
These can be made in advanced and eaten at room temperature, or microwave each for 20 seconds to warm up.