This cocktail galvanized the craft cocktail movement in our home during the summer of 2009. During our local "staycation" mini-moon after our wedding, we took a week off to enjoy amazing meals at our favorite restaurants. My husband ordered this drink during our meal at Beretta, and it blew his mind! One week later, he proudly came home with all the ingredients to make it.

The original cocktail is named "the jeepster" at Beretta, but we affectionately renamed it "the jeepney" when we made it at home.

The craft cocktail movement continues in our home to this very day. :)
 rye1 oz
 gin1 oz
 lillet blanc1 oz
 white wine1 oz
preferrably vinho verde
 lemon1 oz
 angostura bitters4 dashes
 cane syrup 1/4 part


cocktail shaker
mesh mini strainer
Combine all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to chill and combine.
Double strain into serving glasses.