Trigiani family's ham and butter sandwiches

Trigiani family\'s ham and butter sandwiches
1 loaf sweet Italian bread
sometimes we also use a soft wheat baguette
4 oz sweet cream butter
or fresh sweet cream if you can find it
1 lb ham
preferably Italian prosciutto, cut into very thin slices
This is so simple, but so good! In Adriana and Mary Trigiani's Cooking with My Sisters, they describe how their grandma would pack these sandwiches for family road trips. We almost dismissed this recipe as too simple when we first read it, but after our first bite, we were amazed! We raved about it for weeks ... this humble combination of ingredients is simply delicious!
Halve the bread horizontally.
Spread the butter on both sides of the bread then place the ham in between the halves of bread.
Cut the sandwiches into equally sized pieces. Wrap them up for the road or enjoy them then and there!
source: Adriana and Mary Trigiani's Cooking with My Sisters