rosemary reviver

3 drops pernod
per glass
2 oz gin
2 oz curacao
2 oz cocci americano
could also use lillet blanc
2 oz lemon juice
2 sprigs rosemary
This cocktail was another recipe that came from the Science of Cocktails event this year. It’s a fresh take on the classic corpse reviver, and, as far as we were concerned, this was the drink of the night!

Ingredients have been adjusted to match what we have stocked in our bar. The proportions below yield 2 big drinks or 3 small drinks.
Thinly coat serving glasses with pernod and dump out any excess.
Combine remaining ingredients, except rosemary, into shaker with ice and combine. Double strain into serving glass.
Garnish with spanked rosemary.
source: science of cocktails