We first tasted this dish when we attended a grad school party at our professor's home. We got pleasant flashbacks of the rich and savory flavors the next day and couldn't stop thinking about it, so we asked our professor for the recipe. We were delighted to learn that it was so easy to make!

We like to serve this dish with crunchy baguette for texture contrast, but our friends who have made this dish report that it is also good over a bed of pasta. Maximum measurements are estimated below, but this is a very flexible dish so you can adjust quantities to your personal taste.
 chicken breast4 pieces
cut into slices, with or without skin
 canola oil and olive oil
 whipping cream2 cups
 butter3 tbsp
 white wine1 cup
 capers2 tbsp
 baguette1 loaf
sliced at a diagonal then crisped in the oven


large stainless steel skillet
metal whisk or spoon
Chicken. In a large stainless skillet over medium to medium-high heat, brown the chicken slices in a simple browning mixture of your choice. We use a little olive oil and some regular cooking oil, just enough to keep the chicken from sticking, but enough to lightly brown the chicken and leave a light brown coating in the pan. Brown in batches if needed, saving all the drippings in the pan. Remove and reserve chicken after it has browned.
Cream. Depending on how much sauce you want, use 1-2 cups of whipping cream. Pour the cream into the pan with the chicken drippings and leftover oil. Heat this mixture on high until the cream begins to thicken. Keep stirring with a whisk or spoon while you let the cream bubble away.
Butter. When the cream begins to coat the spoon and the sides of the pan, add 1 ½ to 3 tablespoons of butter to the cream. The amount of butter depends on the amount of cream and your taste. Continue boiling the cream.
White Wine. Once the butter has completely melted into the cream, add ½ to 1 cup of good white wine to the cream. Continue boiling until the sauce is about the consistency of very thick cream again.
Capers. Finally, add a tablespoon or two of small capers to the sauce, to your taste.
You're done. Pour the warm sauce over the chicken, or put the chicken back in the pan and sauce to reheat everything. Serve with crisped baguette to mop up all the delicious sauce.