bourbon and branch’s afternoon tea

4 parts gin
2 parts pimm's cup
1 part honey
1 part lemon
cucumber slices
This cocktail is inspired by the one they make at SF’s Bourbon and Branch. They use cucumber-infused gin, but we just make do with what we have on hand. It really does taste like tea with honey and lemon!
Squeeze the honey into the bottom of a cocktail shaker and add lemon. Whisk to dissolve honey. Add ice, then add the gin and pimm’s cup. Shake to chill and combine. Line the bottom of a chilled martini glass with the cucumber. Double strain into glasses.
source: Bourbon & Branch
If measuring with ounces, the proportions above make two cocktails.

I had tried using honey in cocktails before but had trouble getting it to dissolve. I picked the brain of one of the bartenders at Coco 500 and learned that she brought the honey and lemon to solution first, then made the rest of the cocktail.

At NYC’s Angel Share, I once ordered a cocktail with cucumber in it. The brought the glass lined with cucumber and poured my drink table side. That’s how I’ve added cucumber to cocktails ever since.