pear brandy sparkler

1 part pear brandy
3 dashes bitters
2 parts champagne
LOVE this drink! There's no citrus to squeeze, so this crowd-pleaser is really fast to prepare. The pear brandy gives the champagne a kick, yet also compliments it. It adds a welcome feeling of comfort and warmth, especially during the holidays and fall. The angostura bitters add a subtle cinnamon spice.

Many thanks to Maya Pacheco for gifting me this recipe along with my first bottle of J Pear Liqueur! I've tried other types of pear brandy and the one from J Winery is simply the best.
Combine the pear brandy and bitters in a beaker or measuring glass. Add ice and stir to combine and chill.
Fill the champagne or serving glass half way with champagne. Pour in the pear brandy mixture and top with additional champagne.
source: Maya Pacheco
I use a beaker to chill the pear brandy before combining it with the champagne. Because champagne cocktails are best when cold and crisp, you never want to add warm liqueur into champagne. Because champagne glasses are typically narrow, the beaker spout helps me pour precisely into the glasses. You could also use a spouted measuring cup.