basic margarita

225 ml tequila
225 ml triple sec
150 ml lime juice
75 ml lemon juice
50 ml agave
or to taste
  • small measuring glass (1 cup)
  • medium measuring glass (4 cup)
  • funnel
  • 750 ml bottles
For a crowd or for camping, I like to fill 750 ml bottles with premixed margaritas to make it as easy as possible to serve lots of drinks at once. After passing out an initial round of drinks, I refill the serving bottle with another batch so that guests can top off their drinks as they please.
In a small measuring glass, measure out each component and pour it into the medium measuring glass. Whisk to combine.
With the help of a funnel, pour the premixed cocktail into the 750 ml bottle.
To assemble each drink, simply add ice to each cup and fill with the margarita.
source: loosely adapted from Ina Garten
If you want to prepare a smaller batch of drinks, these are the general proportions for the cocktail.

tequila, 3 parts
triple sec, 3 parts
lime juice, 2 parts
lemon juice, 1 part
agave, .5 part