135 ml lemon juice
freshly squeezed and strained to exclude pulp
135 ml lime juice
freshly squeezed and strained to exclude pulp
50 ml agave syrup
400 ml whiskey
maraschino cherries
I have many memories tied to whiskey sours. Collin, my husband, and I drank whiskey sours the night we met. I then made several batches of this for the wedding of one of my high school girlfriends. This drink was also a success at a recent camping trip. This basic recipe yields a 725 ml batch and can be measured and prepared in advance. When happy hour begins, just add the cocktail to some ice and top with a cherry.
Make homemade sweet and sour by combining the lemon juice, lime juice, and agave syrup. Stir until the agave syrup is fully dissolved, then add whiskey. Reserve in a pitcher or equivalent.
At serving time, fill each glass with ice and top with a maraschino cherry. Shake a portion of the mix with a cocktail shaker to combine and chill. Strain into the serving glass. Alternatively, the premixed cocktail could also be poured directly into the serving glass.
source: adapted from Barefoot Contessa
To make smaller batches of this cocktail, use these proportions.

lemon juice, 1 part
lime juice, 1 part
agave syrup, 0.5 part
whiskey, 3 parts