limoncello champagne cocktail with mint

1/4 cup mint leaves
1/4 cup limoncello
4 tsp sugar
lemon peel
from 1 whole lemon, cut into strips
1 wedge lemon
1 cup champagne
Our good friends at the Catino group often make this for us when we visit. We decided to make it for family this past holiday, and everyone loved it! Adapted from Bon Apetit and adjusted to taste.
Combine the mint, limoncello, sugar, and lemon strips in the magic bullet or equivalent for about 10 seconds. Mint will be finely chopped and the lemon peel will be coarsely chopped.
Strain the mixture and discard the solids. Store the mixture in the fridge to chill, or shake with ice to chill if serving immediately.
Swipe the lemon wedge over the tops of the serving glasses, then rim with sugar. This step is optional.
Fill each glass about 1/4 full with champagne. Pour equal portions of the limoncello mixture into the serving glasses. The contents will bubble up to coat the glass.
After the bubbles have settled, top with the remaining champagne, then toast and enjoy immediately. :)
source: Bon Apetit