recipes: breakfast/brunch

  • a neater way to cook and crisp bacon
    This technique is great for small batches of bacon. The addition of water keeps the initial cooking temperature low and gentle, so the meat retains its moisture and stays tender. This also prevents oil from splattering everywhere. By the time the water reaches its boiling point (212°F), the bacon fat is almost completely rendered, so you're much less likely to burn the meat while waiting for the fat to cook off. The meat plumps up while it cooks instead of shriveling, leaving the bacon pleasantly crisp, not tough or brittle. baconwater
  • Baked Eggs with Roasted Tomato Sauce
    Roma TomatoesJalapeñoVegetable OilKosher SaltYellow OnionGarlicVegetable StockCilantroSugarEggsCheeseTostada ShellsSour CreamGuacamole
  • Banana Oatmeal Cookies - Low Iodine
    These cookies are a great thing to pre-make and eat for breakfast. If you are on a Low Iodine Diet for Thyroid Cancer, these cookies are life savers! bananapeanut butterhoneyvanillarolled oatsall-purpose flourcinnamonnon-iodized saltbaking sodaraisinsegg whites
  • blueberry muffin tops
    A toasty kitchen, with coffee brewing, and the smell of blueberries, sugar and butter baking in the oven - that's the perfect Sunday morning experience at my house. The warmth in the kitchen is only matched by my children's smiles, upon seeing their breakfast treat. This is perhaps our most used recipe. unsalted butterwhole milkeggegg yolkvanillaall-purpose floursugarbaking powdersaltfresh blueberriesunsalted butterall-purpose floursugar
  • Breakfast Bread Pudding with Fresh Berries
    eggsmilkwhipping creamvanillacurrantsnutmegsugarbutterfrench baguettepowdered sugarstrawberriesother berries
  • Breakfast Frittata
    potatoeseggsturmeric spicesaltpepperorganic chicken sausageolive oilred bell pepperparmesan cheeseavocadocilantro