recipes: condiment

  • Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant Dip)
    Traditionally, baba ghanoush is made by grilling the eggplant. This recipe uses the broiler to make the recipe more accessible in a typical kitchen. Fresh herbs, such as parsley, can be added for additional flavor and color. eggplantlemongarlictahinisea saltfresh herbsolive oil
  • Brazil Cafe's cilantro garlic sauce
    This sauce is great with steak, especially tri-tip. While waiting for our sandwiches at Pedro's Brazil Cafe, I saw the sign advertising their cilantro-garlic sauce, so I decided to see if anyone had posted the recipe online. I had just started reading this recipe posted on this food blog when Pedro himself stops by to ask if I needed a table. I showed him the recipe and asked him if the ingredient list was correct. He shook his head and told me a different list of ingredients, also adding to make sure to add "lots of love." :) I made the sauce that night and we enjoyed it with steak, rice, and Brazilian black beans. garlicmayonnaisecilantrolimevinegarpaprikasaltpepper
  • charles phan's pickled carrots
    These carrots keep in the fridge for 1 week. They are an essential component in Vietnamese sandwiches, but we also toss any leftover carrots in salads. Be sure to drain them well before using. white vinegarsugarkosher saltcarrots
  • coriander & mint chutney
    You never know when you'll run into a recipe. In this case, we were in a cab hauling home our very first Le Creuset from the Bloomingdale's sale. The conversation with the cab driver quickly moved to food, and he told us that he was a really good Indian cook. We told him that we had been dying to know how to make that lovely cilantro chutney served at Dosa (with papad) and at Naan and Curry (with chicken tikka masala), and he easily rattled off the ingredients and process off the top of his head. We make this regularly - either when we want to have it with papad or when we have leftover cilantro, green onion, or mint that we don't want to waste. The proportions below are estimates... We usually prepare a batch and adjust ingredients to taste. coriandermintgreen onionlemonyogurtsaltpepper
  • Creamy Basil Lime Pepita Dressing
    This tangy meal topper gets it's creaminess entirely from blended pumpkin seed. Additional seeds can be used to make a thicker, more dip-like puree. Fresh Basil LeavesExtra Virgin Olive OilFresh Lime JuiceRaw Apple Cider VinegarWaterSea SaltPepitas
  • Gonzo Hell Fire Aioli
    This sauce is a great example of extreme flavors balancing one another. The habanero peppers used make this sauce extremely hot, but the fat from the eggs and oil, and the sweetness from the sugar, mask the heat up front giving it a delayed reaction. If not careful it can scorch your palate! As Pedro (Gonzo) once requested "more heat!!" I've renamed it "Gonzo Hell Fire Aioli." I use this with my fresh fish tacos, however, it's a great condiment on just about anything! Habanero peppersRed wine vinegarEggsLemon juiceSugarSaltSesame oilSrirachaCanola oil
  • Indian Vegetable and Lentil Stew (Sambhar)
    coriander seedsred chilesgaram masalacumin seedspeppercornsturmericmustard seedscinnamonclovewatertamarindwaterlentils (toor dahl)turmericghee (clarified butter)small red chilesmustard seedfenugreekcurry leavesonionshallotstomatoesmixed vegetablessambar powdersalt & peppercilantro
  • jacques pepin's cucumber yogurt relish
    We'll often serve this to balance out highly seasoned food, such as lamb kefta kabob or Indian food. The original Jacques Pepin recipe has the cucumber cut into 1/2-inch dice, but we chose to shred the cucumber for a smoother texture. cucumberplain yogurtmintsaltsugarTabascocider vinegargarliccurry
  • korean salad dressing
    This easy salad dressing makes use of common pantry items. When we made this, we used it on a simple salad of red leaf lettuce that we had with a side of Korean barbecue. Marja Vongerichten, the author of this recipe, also recommends using it with thin-sliced crunchy vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, snow peas, and cucumber. soy saucesesame oilrice vinegarfish saucered pepper flakessesame seedsKorean honey citron marmalade