recipes: dessert

  • Almond, Pistachio and Orange Blossom Cake
    Almond mealGround pistachiosBaking powderSaltButterSugarOrangeOrange blossom waterCardamomEggs (room temp)Orange zestSugarLemon juiceOrange juiceChopped pistachiosHoneyCreme fraicheWhipped creamFresh FruitPoached dried apricots
  • Alternative Mint Chip Ice Cream
    cocoa powdermaple syruphoneyvanillapeppermint extractsaltcoconut milkcashews
  • apple tartin
    An iconic dessert was allegedly created by the Tartin sisters on France's Loire Valley. Legend is that while attempting to repair a baking error, they ended up with this upside-down dessert of flaky pastry and apples bathed in caramel. This recipe has been modified from the original with a more whole food approach. organic whole wheat flourorganic sugarsea saltorganic unsalted butterice watersmall organic Gala applesfreshly squeezed organic lemon juicesea saltorganic unsalted butterorganic agave
  • Apricot Frangipane Tart
    This tart is so simple to make, delicious and not too sweet. You can make it with other fruits such as blackberries, peaches or plums. This recipe makes 2 - 8 in. tarts. Cane sugarHoneySea saltCoconut OilGood farm eggsVanillaAlmond mealCinnamonCardamonZest from 2 lemonsApricotsAlmondsLavender buds
  • banana bread pudding
    This is a great dessert for entertaining that would also be a perfect brunch dish. It's very basic - custard-soaked bread - yet rich and elegant, and it can be made up to 2 days in advance. We bake the bread pudding and then chill it, cut it into squares, and cook it in butter, so it's almost like French toast. We use brioche for its flavor, but any good white sandwich bread will work; look for long rectangular loaf called Pullman loaf or pain de mie, which has a soft, uniform interior, or crumb. The banana can be replaced with a similar quantity of dried fruit or omitted altogether - this is a delicious bread pudding without any fruit. It's excellent topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce, mascarpone cheese, maple syrup, honey, or even a berry sauce. whole milkheavy creamgranulated sugarvanilla pastebrioche pullman loafeggsbananasclarified butter
  • Banana Chiffon Cake
    AP flourBaking PowderSaltSugarCoconut milkRice bran oileggSugarpureed bananasVanilla extractCream of tartar. 0.5 tspEggSugarheavy creamcrème fraicheeggmarsalasugarBananasSugar (for bruleed bananas)Toasted coconut
  • Banana Spring Rolls with Chocolate Coconut Sauce
    bananasbrown sugarcinnamonvanilla extracttoasted shredded coconuttoasted peanuts or cashewseggspring roll wrapperFrying oilcoconut milkcorn syrupA pinch of saltcoconut extractdark chocolate/semisweet chocolatePowdered sugar
  • banana with lime
    When preparing this dessert as part of a meal, prepare it first. By the time you're done cooking and eating, this dessert will be ready to go! sugarwaterlimesbananas
  • Banda de Frutas (Puff Pastry Fruit Tart)
    MilkSugarOrange ZestEggsEgg YolksSugarCornstarchButterVanilla ExtractPuff PastryEggSugarHeavy CreamDark ChocolateFresh FruitPowdered sugar for dusting