recipes: drink

  • alembic's southern exposure
    celery juicelimemintginagave syrup
  • aromatherapy massage
    We love this drink almost as much as we love this hilarious scene from the Queen Latifah/Steve Martin movie, Bringing Down the House. The line with this cocktail's namesake is at 1:09 of the clip. We discovered this drink at the 2012 Science of Cocktails event at the Exploratorium. This refreshing drink is perfect for a hot afternoon or for a bridal shower. The proportions below make two cocktails. cucumber vodkalemon juiceagave nectarrosewaterorange bittersginger beerdried mini rosebudscucumber
  • basic margarita
    For a crowd or for camping, I like to fill 750 ml bottles with premixed margaritas to make it as easy as possible to serve lots of drinks at once. After passing out an initial round of drinks, I refill the serving bottle with another batch so that guests can top off their drinks as they please. tequilatriple seclime juicelemon juiceagaveice
  • biji's chai for two
    My grandmother (Biji) still makes chai everyday, every morning and every afternoon. I make it when I don't feel well, or when others need a little caffeine boost. My friends think it's magic tea, but for me, it just reminds me of my grandmother. fennel seedsajwain seedscardamom podsblack tea bagswatermilksugar
  • bourbon and branch’s afternoon tea
    This cocktail is inspired by the one they make at SF’s Bourbon and Branch. They use cucumber-infused gin, but we just make do with what we have on hand. It really does taste like tea with honey and lemon! ginpimm's cuphoneylemoncucumber slices
  • bright rosewater cocktail
    Great recipes sometimes come from happy accidents. We came up with this drink after doing a quick Google search on rosewater cocktails and making do with what we had on hand. The result was juicy, bright, and aromatic. vodkast. germain elderflower liqueurrosewaterlemon
  • buena vista's irish coffee
    Inspired by an article on warm cocktails from New York's Timeout magazine, we hunted down this recipe and found it on the Buena Vista website. We've adjusted the proportions, ingredients, and steps to our taste. The trickiest part is pouring in the whipping cream over the spoon so that it floats over the coffee. :) hot waterespressosugarirish whiskeywhipping cream