recipes: filipino

  • carne norte (filipino corned beef)
    Filipinos love their food with garlic, onions, and tomato, and corned beef is no exception. Carne norte is an easy and savory option for brunch, dinner, or even a hangover. :) The proportions above are estimated, so feel free to adjust to taste. Since everything stews together, the ingredients don't need to be cut perfectly. We sometimes top our carne norte with an overeasy egg. Leftovers easily go into a toasted carne norte sandwich the next day. One of us learned how to cook this in college while hovering over the stove on the phone with our mom. This dish was a big hit among college friends. canola oiloniongarliccorned beeftomatowatersteamed ricegreen onionsTabasco
  • lumpia
    We brought a batch of frozen lumpia with us on the plane to LA for the Christmas holiday and fried it up right before the family party started. The lumpia was gone in 10 minutes. :) Lumpia is a popular Filipino party appetizer. Because lumpia takes a lot of work to prepare, but because it also freezes well, it is often prepared in bulk. I distinctly remember having to help with the lumpia rolling sessions in my mom’s kitchen. Adapted from recipes from my mom and my Tita Menchu. This recipe yields a gazillion pieces. lumpia wrappercelerycarrotsonionswater chestnutgarlicgreen onionsblack peppergarlic saltshrimpground beefground porkeggseggsegg whitecanola or peanut oil
  • mom's bistec recipe
    When I was growing up, having my grandma’s bistec for a meal always excited me! I’d be delighted to eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I love its saltiness and tanginess. I love how the flavor of the sauce gets into the onions and the rice. Bistec is a Filipino home-cooking dish that is essentially thin slices of beef marinated in lemon and soy sauce. The beef is seared and browned, the onions are sautéed, and a reduction sauce from the fond and drippings naturally emerges. This dish is a crowd pleaser for casual settings. I once made this dish for a potluck and when all the ladies asked me for the recipe, they were surprised at how easy it was to make. chateaubriand steaksoy saucelemon juiceavocado oilonionsteamed white rice
  • mom’s paksiw na pata recipe
    Paksiw (pak-see-eww) na pata is a savory, saucy, and fatty pork dish that my grandma used to make. I have fond memories of eating this in our kitchen booth in the afternoon light. This dish is definitely a guilty pleasure, so I won’t make it too often, but it’s good to have this recipe recorded. banana blossompork legsoy saucevinegarwhole peppercornbay leafsteamed rice
  • Pork and Vegetable Lumpia
    rice bran oilground porkgarliclarge shallotsmedium carrotscallionsthinly sliced green cabbageKosher saltground black peppersoy sauceegglumpia wrappersrice bran oil for fryingsugarrice vinegarwatergarlicchili flakesSrirachacornstarchcold water
  • tita menchu’s cassava cake
    This is my Tita Menchu’s signature dessert. She often prepares this for our family parties. Tita Menchu got this recipe from her friends in New Jersey and she has modified it to suit her taste. The base cake is made out of shredded cassava (yuca), and the topping is essentially a leche flan. This dessert is served at room temperature, and tastes best after resting for 30 minutes. egg yolkscoconut milksugarbuttercassavaegg yolkscondensed milk