recipes: indian

  • Baingan Bartha with Naan
    medium eggplantsoilolive oilwhole cumin seedsgarlicgingermedium onionchiliesroma tomatoesground turmericground cuminground corianderground garam masalafrozen green peascilantrolemonsalt
  • biji's chai for two
    My grandmother (Biji) still makes chai everyday, every morning and every afternoon. I make it when I don't feel well, or when others need a little caffeine boost. My friends think it's magic tea, but for me, it just reminds me of my grandmother. fennel seedsajwain seedscardamom podsblack tea bagswatermilksugar
  • Bissy Lou's Tikka Ma-Sauce-A (Masala)
    This sauce is velvety smooth and soul satisfying. I like to serve it over brown rice and roasted cauliflower or chicken. Olive oilCoconut oilGinger-Garlic PasteSerrano peppersTomato pasteGaram masalaPaprikaRoma tomatoesKosher saltWaterCoconut creamFresh cilantro
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
    Basmati ricecold watergarlicgingeryogurtcorianderchili powderturmericfenugreek leaveslimessaltolive oilolive oilcinnamonclovescardamomwhole macebay leaveschicken breastzucchinieggplantsummer squashonionRoma tomatoescashewsolive oilGaram masalacumin seedsonionsaltturmericcumin powderground coriandergingergarlicwater or chicken stockcilantrotoasted cashews
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
    Basmati ricewater or stockgarlicgingeryogurtground corianderchili powderturmericfenugreek leavesjuice of 2 limessaltolive oilboneless/skinless chicken meatred bell pepperszucchinieggplantsummer squashonionroma tomatoescashewsolive oilcumin seedslarge onionsaltground turmericGaram Masalacumin powderground corrianderminced garlicminced gingerwater or chicken stockcoconut milk or yogurtchopped cilantrotoasted cashews
  • cook's illustrated chicken tikka masala
    Chicken tikka masala is one of our favorite dishes to order at an Indian restaurant. With all the cream involved, it probably isn't the leanest option on the menu, but the sauce sure is delicious! This recipe yields a lot of food, so invite people over to share or get ready to eat it for a few days in a row. We sometimes serve this with roasted cauliflower instead of rice. cumincoriandercayenne peppersaltchicken breastsgarlicgingerplain yogurtvegetable oilvegetable oiloniongarlicgingerserrano chiletomato pastegaram masalacanned tomatoessugarsaltheavy creamsaltbasmati ricecilantro
  • coriander & mint chutney
    You never know when you'll run into a recipe. In this case, we were in a cab hauling home our very first Le Creuset from the Bloomingdale's sale. The conversation with the cab driver quickly moved to food, and he told us that he was a really good Indian cook. We told him that we had been dying to know how to make that lovely cilantro chutney served at Dosa (with papad) and at Naan and Curry (with chicken tikka masala), and he easily rattled off the ingredients and process off the top of his head. We make this regularly - either when we want to have it with papad or when we have leftover cilantro, green onion, or mint that we don't want to waste. The proportions below are estimates... We usually prepare a batch and adjust ingredients to taste. coriandermintgreen onionlemonyogurtsaltpepper
  • Corn and Onion Pakora
    Oil for fryingonioncorn kernelsokraknob of gingerSalt and pepperjalepenogingerchickpea flourcorn starchbaking powderground tumericground corianderground fennelgaram masalachili powderwatergreen chilegarlicgingermintcilantrolemon juiceyogurtwater