recipes: korean

  • Cucumber and Daikon Salad
    saltsugarrice vinegarEnglish cucumbersgochujaruchivessesame seedsmung bean sproutsdaikonice watercarrotsrice vinegarsaltfreshly ground pepperred onion
  • kalbi jjim (korean braised short ribs)
    We decided to make this recipe when we saw that the butcher was selling amazing short ribs. Short ribs and vegetables are basically simmered together in a mixture of soy sauce and aromatics. We pieced together the recipe from several recipes we found online and scaled it down for a household of two. This dish made for a great Sunday supper. pearkiwigarliconionsoy saucesesame oilmirinshort ribswaterdaikon radishcarrotgingershiitake mushroomssteamed ricepine nuts
  • kimchi jiggae with pork belly
    We happily cook this dish at least once a month. This is the perfect meal for a cold evening or when you feel sick. The base is always the same - sautee veggies and kim chee, add liquid and simmer - but variations over the years include the incorporation of home made chicken broth and the addition of American cheese at the end. We make this dish slightly different each time, modifying it as we learn new information and techniques, but we always serve it with rice and a side of Korean seaweed. Mix and match the ingredients and steps below to your family’s taste. Adapted from word of mouth and internet recipes, along with tips from David Chang's Momofuku and Marja Vongerichten's The Kimchi Chronicles. pork bellygreen onionsgarlicjalapenokimchikimchi juicewateramerican cheesefish saucesesame oiltomatotofusteamed ricekorean seasoned nori
  • kimchi rice pancake
    This is such an easy recipe that makes good use of leftovers. We first read about the rice pancake concept in a small detail box in Jacques Pepin’s book, Essential Pepin. The basic concept is that you combine leftover rice with bits of meat and vegetables, press it into a patty in an oiled, non-stick skillet, and cook on both sides until crisp. Top with an egg and, voila, you have a quick breakfast or lunch. In this case, we combined bits of meat with diced bits of kimchi, but you can make it with whatever fillings you have on hand and prefer. This can easily be made vegan by omitting the meat, butter, and egg. The proportions below are rough estimates; feel free to adjust to taste. cooked ricecooked meatkimchimixed vegetablesyank sing's chili pepper sauceavocado oilbuttereggsambal