recipes: mexican

  • Albondigas Soup
    olive oildiced tomatoes with green chiliesother veggies as you please or are availablesalt & pepper to tastehot sauce optionalcilantro optionalonionbell peppergarlicchicken stockground turkeycumincoriandergarlic saltlong white grain ricecarrotszucchinicorn
  • Baja Fish Tacos
    masa harina (Mexican corn flour)warm waterKosher saltrice bran oil or butterfirm white fish (like red snapper)cornmealsmoked paprikaKosher salt and black peppercabbagesour cream (or crème fraiche)Zest of 1 limecumin
  • Banda de Frutas (Puff Pastry Fruit Tart)
    MilkSugarOrange ZestEggsEgg YolksSugarCornstarchButterVanilla ExtractPuff PastryEggSugarHeavy CreamDark ChocolateFresh FruitPowdered sugar for dusting
  • big d's beef machaca
    Our fall intern Darren indicated in his flavor profile that he really likes beef machaca. No one on the team had tasted machaca before, so we set out to make it. Our recipe has been combined and adapted from the ones posted on Food Network and Epicurious. We served this with the coleslaw recipe from Bakesale Betty's. The machaca and the coleslaw were delicious together! Standing at 6 feet tall, Darren is the tallest member of our team. He towers over all of us, so we've nicknamed Darren "Big D." :) lime juiceworcestershire sauceMaggiwatergarlicserrano chilecuminchili powdersalt and pepperolive oilskirt steakvegetable oilyellow onionbell peppergarlicserrano chilesdried oreganocuminsalt and pepperbeef brothdiced tomatoesTabascosalt and peppertortillaslimesalsalettuceguacamole
  • Cactus Salad
    Light and fresh Mexican salad. fresh or prepared cactus paddlesolive oilsaltRoma tomatoessmall red onioncilantroCotija or Anejo cheesered wine vinegarfreshly ground black pepperserrano chiles5-6 Radisheslettuce leavesavocado
  • Camarones a la Diabla
    dried guajillo chilesgarliconionblack peppercumindried oreganostock cilantro stemsChipotle in AdoboAdobo sauceSalttomato pastebrown sugarvegetable or olive oilhot sauceveg. oilshrimpbell peppersonionS&PbutterCilantroQueso Fresco
  • Camarones al Tamarindo
    Tamarind pulpWater tamarind paste (from step 1)Red OniongarlicgingerVegetable stockchipotle chiles in adoboSaltMolassesSugar waterVegetable oilShrimpRice bran oilSalt
  • Carne Asada Tacos
    masa harina (Mexican corn flour)warm waterKosher saltrice bran oil or butterskirt steakrice bran oilchile powderminced garlicKosher saltground black pepperlime juiceonionsJuice of 1 limecilantroKosher salt and black pepper to tastetomatillogarlicyellow onionjalapenosavocados
  • chicken fajitas
    Super easy and colorful recipe! chicken breastslemon juiceground corianderground cuminred chile powdergreen bell pepperyellow bell pepperyellow onionred bell peppermushroomsolive oilcheeseguacamolesalsasour creamtortillas
  • Chicken Mole Rojo
    dried ancho chilesboiling waterdried pasilla chilesdried guajillo chilesrice bran oilmedium tomatillosyellow oniongarlic clovesKosher saltcrushed tomatoes (Pomi)raisinspanko bread crumbssemi-sweet chocolatewhole almondstoasted sesame seedsKosher saltdark chicken stockwhite wine vinegarbrown sugarground clovesground black pepperdried oreganoground cinnamonchili flakeschicken thighsRice bran oilcilantro sprigscrematoasted sesame seeds