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  • Albondigas Soup
    olive oildiced tomatoes with green chiliesother veggies as you please or are availablesalt & pepper to tastehot sauce optionalcilantro optionalonionbell peppergarlicchicken stockground turkeycumincoriandergarlic saltlong white grain ricecarrotszucchinicorn
  • alembic's southern exposure
    celery juicelimemintginagave syrup
  • Asian Braised Salmon on Greens
    Salmon is rich in omega 3's and healthy fats good for hearts health, dark leafy greens and ginger help to balance blood sugar and lower inflammation. Oh, and it's delicious. salmon filletscollard and or Kalecarrotcoconut oilshallotleekginger rootgarlic clovestamarifish saucetoasted sesamehoneyveggie stock
  • Basic Tomato Sauce
    The secret of our sauce is to let it cook its way to a depth of flavor possible only with meatballs simmering in the pot. If you can make some time to prepare our basic sauce ahead of time, even freezing it, it's amazing how you can turn a weekday into the real Italian thing. You can get the sauce started in a large pot while you make the meatballs. Grandmom liked to sauté her meatballs before placing them in the pot; Mom just put them right in without frying. tomatoestomato pastewatergarlic saltfreshly ground black pepperolive oilItalian seasoningpork bonesalt
  • biji's chai for two
    My grandmother (Biji) still makes chai everyday, every morning and every afternoon. I make it when I don't feel well, or when others need a little caffeine boost. My friends think it's magic tea, but for me, it just reminds me of my grandmother. fennel seedsajwain seedscardamom podsblack tea bagswatermilksugar
  • bitter melon & egg (mara pad kai)
    bitter meloneggslight soy saucewhite pepperpeanut oillight soy sauce
  • black sticky rice pudding (kao niow dahm)
    black sticky ricecoconut milksugarsaltsesame seedsstrawberriesmint leaves
  • Braised Beans
    extra-virgin olive oilonionsgarlic cayenne pepperwater or stockbaking sodabeanstomato pastetomatoesSaltPepperparsleyoreganoallspicered wine vinegarMintParsley