recipes: omnivore

  • a neater way to cook and crisp bacon
    This technique is great for small batches of bacon. The addition of water keeps the initial cooking temperature low and gentle, so the meat retains its moisture and stays tender. This also prevents oil from splattering everywhere. By the time the water reaches its boiling point (212°F), the bacon fat is almost completely rendered, so you're much less likely to burn the meat while waiting for the fat to cook off. The meat plumps up while it cooks instead of shriveling, leaving the bacon pleasantly crisp, not tough or brittle. baconwater
  • almond chicken soup with sweet potato, collards, and ginger
    chicken stockyellow oniongarlicsweet potatochicken breastsmooth almond buttercollard leavesfresh gingercoarse saltfreshly ground black pepperlime
  • Antipasto
    We were very proud when Mom would make one of her colorful antipasti for church gatherings, but we loved to have them at home, all to ourselves. Mom had learned to make this dish when she married Dad. The antipasto is the first, or appetizer, course in Italian cuisine. The course begins the meal by introducing a variety of tastes, awakening the palate to what will follow. In Italy, the contents of the antipasto vary from season to season, depending on what is available, and the course is often served buffet-style, with many separate offerings. In Roseto, Pennsylvania, the plated antipasto often includes garden vegetables canned throughout the year, and the hostess served the antipasto with drinks while dinner was cooking. Either way, it's easy to do and doesn't involve any cooking. It's perfect if you're hosting guests for cocktails before dinner out. romaine lettucewhite albacore tunaroasted red pepperspepperoncini peppersFresh Italian parsleyhard-boiled eggsanchoviesblack olivesgreen olivesGenoa salamiprosciuttoartichoke heartsmushroomsCheddar cheeseMonterey Jack cheeseolive oil
  • Arrabbiata Sauce
    For parties and special occasions we'd veer away from the basic marinara sauce and do something different, like an arrabbiata sauce. This spicy version of the basic marinara sauce can add a lot of interest to pasta. (Arrabiata means angry in the case of a person, and in the case of a dog, mad.) We think that Dad liked to make the arrabbiata sauce just so he could ask Checka if she was arrabbiata. Of course, it's now Checka who wears the mantle of best arrabbiata sauce maker in the clan. olive oilgarlicsmall onionsmall hot pepperBasic Tomato Saucesaltfreshly ground black pepperItalian parsleyParmigiano-Reggiano
  • Arroz con Pollo (Caribbean Chicken and Criollo Rice)
    large Anaheim pepperdried oreganooniongarliccilantroboneless chicken thigh meatsalt and pepperrice bran oilground annatto seeds (achiote)piquillo peppersolivesbay leavesground cuminground corianderpinch ground cloveswhite winechicken stockchicken glacePomi tomatoesripe plantainzucchinijuice of 1 orangegarlic saffronlight olive oilsaltsmoked paprikapinch of chili flakeswaterricelarge yellow onionspureed tomatoesbay leafshelling peascilantroavocado
  • Avgolemono (Greek Lemon Soup)
    This is a version of the classic Greek chicken and lemon soup. The eggs make the soup light yellow and creamy. Incorporating chicken broth into the diet regularly is very healing for the digestive tract and is a great source of bioavailable minerals. brown ricewatersea saltblack pepperbuttercarrotsceleryonionleekchicken stockegg yolkslemon juiceparsleydill
  • baby back ribs
    In May 2005, when Carm's younger brother, Butchok, graduated from San Francisco State University, Collin and Carm threw a party in Butch’s honor at their home. Collin and Carm made Mrs. Oguro's recipe for ribs. Everyone loved the ribs. onions and garlicsalt and pepperbaby back ribsbarbecue sauce
  • baby chili
    In this scaled down version of the Cook's Illustrated chili recipe, the portion is smaller and the seasoning is lighter. Spicy elements have been eliminated. This recipe is perfect for babies who have already been introduced to solids (about 8 months old). The meat is so tender they can easily chew it with their gums. Plus the meat consumption helps with their iron intake. :) ground beefwatersaltpepperbaking sodaground cumingarlic powderground corianderdried oreganodried thymewhole peeled tomatoesvegetable oiloniongarlicwatersugarcider vinegarcilantro