recipes: pescatarian

  • 10-minute salt cod (for two)
    We have always wanted to try bacalao - the dried and salted cod fish that is then rehydrated when cooked in stew. Since this recipe salts the cod for just 10 minutes, we decided to give it a shot. We plan to make this again the next time we find cod and little neck clams. Recipe adapted from Proportions adjusted from 4 servings to 2 servings. codkosher saltcornunsalted butterlemon juicewhite pepperolive oilflourlittle neck clamsgarliccilantrothymewhite winepaprikaparsleycrusty bread
  • aglio e olio
    When a minor flood kicked us out of our home for about a week, this dish was part the first meal we made from start to finish after we moved back in. Our menu included iceberg wedge salad with blue cheese, bacon, tomato, marinated red onion, green onion, and italian parsley and aglio e olio: pasta with a garlic-parmesan base which we enhanced with bacon and fried Italian parsley. We of course served it with pinot grigio. Mortimer, we’re back! :) pasta olive oilpancettagarlicanchoviesred pepper flakepasta waterparmesan cheese italian parsley
  • baked sushi
    We made this dish for our friends the night we hosted the Holiday Karaoke Extravaganza that turned into the Epic Loft Party. One of us asked for this recipe after trying it at a party we had attended a few years back, and now we are passing it on so that you too can share this at your next party! Adapted from a recipe from our family friend Shelley Kurata who in turn got it from Kathy Kurata. mayonnaisesour creamkambokotobiko roegreen onionsshitake mushroomsricecooking sprayfurikakekorean seasoned nori
  • Bombay-Style Fish Curry
    High quality protein and fats are an important part of a blood sugar regulation diet. The fish, which provides these essential nutrients, is paired with blood sugar balancing spices like cinnamon. The coconut also provides healthy fat. garlicgreen chileschili powderturmericcinnamonclovestamarind pastesaltfish filletcoconut oilshallotscoconut milkvegetable stocksaltcilantrolime juice
  • Broiled Sole with Chive Butter
    The simplest preparations are often the most delicious, and this especially applies to fish. This recipe showcases clean flavors by combining mild sole with bright, rich lemon butter sauce. olive oilsaltblack pepperlemon sole filletsunsalted butterfresh chiveslemon juice
  • Bruschetta Three Ways
    baguettesextra-virgin olive oilKosher saltgarlicgolden raisinswhite wineextra-virgin olive oilartichoke quartersceleryshallotsgarlichoneybalsamic vinegarchopped mint leavesKosher salt and ground black pepperpine nutsricotta cheesemozzarella cheese curdKosher saltHot water (about 160 F)2-3 heirloom tomatoesbasilextra-virgin olive oilKosher salt and ground black pepperquail eggsSpanish white anchovies (boquerones)4 or 5 roasted Piquillo peppersthymeextra-virgin olive oilKosher salt and ground black pepper
  • Caesar Salad with Herbed Croutons
    anchovy filletsDijon mustardWorcestershire saucefresh garlicjuice of 0.5 lemonegg yolksrice bran oilfinely grated ParmesanKosher salt and black peppercrusty French breadolive oilgarlicunsalted butterchopped herbs (parsley oregano thyme etc)chili flakesKosher saltlittle gem lettucesParmesan cheese