recipes: salad

  • Arugula, Fig & Gorgonzola Salad
    A wonderful summer salad. Peaches may be substituted for figs and arugula may stand in for watercress. medium sweet onionred wine vinegarDijon mustardhoneygrapeseed oilolive oilsea saltfreshly ground pepperwatercressfigsGorgonzolaroasted walnuts
  • Asian Greens with Ginger Carrot Miso Dressing
    This salad is a great starter for a stir-fry dinner. It also works as an entree with the addition of teriyaki glazed tofu, grilled chicken or salmon. shiitake mushroomssesame oilsea saltsmoked paprikaginger rootgarliccarrotrice wine vinegarlimemiso pastehoneytoasted sesame oilsesame oilsea saltAsian mixed greensradishescarrots
  • Baby Lettuce Salad w/ Grilled Stone Fruit and Sherry Vinaigrette
    butter lettuceKosher saltrice bran oilwhole almondsextra-virgin olive oilpeachessherry vinegardijon mustardZest and juice of an orangeKosher salt and black pepper to tastesheep's cheesefennel
  • beet salad in sour cream dressing
    Beets have been on my radar for a while. I often associate them with the delicious salad they serve at SF’s House of Prime Rib and with the salad bar at Portico’s. I’ve never prepared them myself though, but with the onset of the CSA food basket that my friend Brent bequeathed to me, I was obliged to finally try. I went to the index of my favorite go-to resource, Jacques Pepin’s Essential Pepin, and found this recipe for beet salad with sour cream and onions. Like many of this recipes, this one turned out delicious. beetsonionsour creamcider vinegarsaltblack peppersugar
  • Big City’s Brussels Sprouts Salad
    This crisp Brussels sprout salad is the perfect balance between sweet and salty. The dressing adds a fun tang, giving Brussels a whole new flavor. It has the perfect bright taste you deserve after successfully making it down a rapid, to the top of the rock or riding a big wave! Brussel SproutsWalnutsDijon MustardRed Wine VinegarOlive OilSalt and Pepper to tasteDried CranberriesRed Onion