recipes: sandwich

  • Grandmom's Ham and Butter Sandwiches
    One of our favorite road snacks was the ham and butter sandwich. While Grandmom Trigiani generally preferred more Italian-style ham, she was an equal opportunity ham buyer. And, she always had ham, in some variety, in her refrigerator. One could never go hungry if there was ham, bread, and butter in the house. sweet cream butterItalian breadham
  • hummus sandwich
    Inspired by the sandwiches at Togo's and elsewhere, we developed this recipe for hummus sandwich. We usually use more substantive, whole wheat pitas for this recipe since the sandwich is so flavorful. This is a delicious lunch for a warm day. whole wheat pita breaddijon mustardmayonnaisetomatobutter leaf lettucehummuspepperocinimarinated white anchoviesdiced red onionshot sauce
  • roasted red pepper chicken sandwich
    A delicious gourmet chicken sandwich that is simple to make for any occasion. red pepperolive oilsaltpepperchicken breastmixed baby greensplum tomatoseasoned rice vinegarmustardciabatta breadfresh mozzarellabeer
  • turkey sandwich baon
    In Tagalog, the word "baon" refers to a meal that you prepare at home and take with you. Yes, this is simply a recipe for a turkey sandwich. But we make this often for baon and for team lunch, so we use this checklist regularly to make sure that we have all the supplies we need on hand. Here's how it all comes together when we make this onsite at numnums HQ. mayoDijon mustardbreadturkeycheesered oniontomatolettucechips