recipes: side

  • arroz verde
    Arroz verde, or cilantro rice, is a common accompaniment in Peruvian cuisine. It goes perfectly with a rotisserie chicken or grilled fish and your favorite veggies. I brought this to the PBNC office for a potluck lunch to thank and say farewell to a couple of awesome Summer volunteers! Unfortunately, it turned out that one of those lovely volunteers didn't like cilantro! Thank goodness there was pleny of other deliciousness at the table. Rest assured, the entire large bowl of cilantro rice was devoured by the rest of us. =) cilantrochicken stockmedium or long-grain white riceolive oilchick stock
  • Asparagus with Chana Dal
    I love asparagus, it cooks in just a few minutes and it’s the best source of Folate (one of the most important nutrients especially for women). I tried mixing it with some Chana Dal (my new favorite lentil) and I am addicted. Chana dal is simply a split chickpea without the skin and you can buy it at any Indian grocer. You only need to fry it for a short time and it becomes crunchy and edible. It’s now a staple in almost all my vegetable dishes. Don’t get hung up if you don’t have all the spices I’ve listed – add your own blend. coconut oilchana dalsplit urad dalmustard seedcumin seedasafetidaasparagussalt to taste
  • baked macaroni and cheese
    elbow macaronibuttersaltpeppercheddar cheesemilk
  • basic mashed potatoes
    We once tried to buy a container of mashed potatoes from the Whole Foods salad bar. When we learned at the register that the container cost $14, we decided to figure out how to make them ourselves. Yukon gold potatoesRusset potatoesbuttercreamsaltpepper
  • best pasta salad ever
    vegetable flavored corkscrew pastaWishbone Robusto Italian dressingRomano cheesebacon bitsbroccoli crowns
  • Braised Beans
    extra-virgin olive oilonionsgarlic cayenne pepperwater or stockbaking sodabeanstomato pastetomatoesSaltPepperparsleyoreganoallspicered wine vinegarMintParsley
  • braised kale with bacon and cider
    baconkaleapple ciderapple cider vinegargranny smith applesaltfreshly ground black pepper
  • Braised Sweet Potatoes and Winter Squash
    Delicotta squashKosher saltsugarcoconut milkwatersweet potatoescilantro sprigs
  • Brazilian black beans
    We have prepared these beans with and without bacon and it tastes great both ways. The coconut oil pairs beautifully with the beans. We often enjoy this side with cilantro garlic sauce, meat, and rice. coconut oilbacongarlicblack beanssaltwatergreen onions