recipes: #baby numnums

  • baby chili
    In this scaled down version of the Cook's Illustrated chili recipe, the portion is smaller and the seasoning is lighter. Spicy elements have been eliminated. This recipe is perfect for babies who have already been introduced to solids (about 8 months old). The meat is so tender they can easily chew it with their gums. Plus the meat consumption helps with their iron intake. :) ground beefwatersaltpepperbaking sodaground cumingarlic powderground corianderdried oreganodried thymewhole peeled tomatoesvegetable oiloniongarlicwatersugarcider vinegarcilantro
  • braised short ribs in red wine sauce
    This is such a delicious and easy way to prepare braised short ribs. The pressure cooker does most of the heavy lifting. You just need to brown the meat, soften the veggies, toss in some flour, then add everything else. The frozen pearl onions help reduce prep time. We dug this out of a vintage Jacques Pepin book, The Short-Cut Cook. short ribsrendered fatfrozen pearl onionscarrotsgarlicflourherbes de Provencesaltblack pepperred bliss potatoesred wineparsley
  • Brazilian black beans
    We have prepared these beans with and without bacon and it tastes great both ways. The coconut oil pairs beautifully with the beans. We often enjoy this side with cilantro garlic sauce, meat, and rice. coconut oilbacongarlicblack beanssaltwatergreen onions
  • classic waffles
    We've dubbed these as "classic waffles" because they have a clean flavor profile, similar to that of Eggo waffles. These waffles are easy to prepare and are evenly golden once cooked. Our two year old sometimes helps with pouring and mixing the batter, and we actually made 6 batches of this recipe with her preschool class. all-purpose flourcornstarchsugarkosher saltbaking powderbaking sodawhole milkavocado oileggvanilla extractavocado oilbuttersyrup/honey and/or powdered sugarberries
  • coconut curried butternut squash with kale
    When we prepare this dish for our one year old daughter, we go easy on the salt. At serving time, we simply mix in some quinoa with cubes of butternut squash and sauce. coconut oilbutternut squashsaltkalecurry powdersmoked paprikacoconut milklimeavocado oilpine nutsquinoacilantrothai basilMaldon sea salt
  • cook's illustrated gougères
    Our two year old daughter calls these "cheese balls." These airy rounds have the texture of the top of a pop over with the flavor of cheese. This recipe utilizes two baking sheets stacked on top of each other to prevent overbrowning. eggsegg whitesaltwaterunsalted buttercayenne pepperall-purpose flourGruyère cheese
  • cook's illustrated mushroom bisque
    This soup is so comforting and earthy. The technique is brilliant and the taste is amazing! The recipe involves a few different phases and different types of equipment, but for us, the trouble is totally worth it since the taste is so delicious! We freeze leftovers to make easy meals for our two-year-old daughter. white mushroomscremini mushroomsshiitake mushroomssaltvegetable oilonionfresh thymepepperdry sherrywaterchicken brothheavy creamegg yolkslemon juicesalt and pepperheavy creamfresh chives