recipes: #blender

  • cook's illustrated mushroom bisque
    This soup is so comforting and earthy. The technique is brilliant and the taste is amazing! The recipe involves a few different phases and different types of equipment, but for us, the trouble is totally worth it since the taste is so delicious! We freeze leftovers to make easy meals for our two-year-old daughter. white mushroomscremini mushroomsshiitake mushroomssaltvegetable oilonionfresh thymepepperdry sherrywaterchicken brothheavy creamegg yolkslemon juicesalt and pepperheavy creamfresh chives
  • ghost of mary
    This cocktail is inspired by the Ghost of Mary at NYC's Prune and by the Summer Mary served at SF's Skool. You will simply feel the essence of a bloody mary with each sip. lemonceleryonionfresh tomatoesclam juiceold bay seasoningcumincelery saltkosher saltcayenne pepperWorcestershire saucehot saucehorseradishsherry vinegarghost of mary mixvodkasherry vinegar