recipes: #camping

  • basic margarita
    For a crowd or for camping, I like to fill 750 ml bottles with premixed margaritas to make it as easy as possible to serve lots of drinks at once. After passing out an initial round of drinks, I refill the serving bottle with another batch so that guests can top off their drinks as they please. tequilatriple seclime juicelemon juiceagaveice
  • cook's illustrated veggie chili
    I got this recipe from a fellow parent at a school camping trip and will be preparing it, in advance, for yet another camping trip! :) After the veggies are softened, the cumin is bloomed - heated in the center of the pot - to deepen its flavor. avocado oilonionred bell peppergarliccumin seedschili powdercayenne pepperwatercrushed tomatoesdried oreganobrown sugarcanned beansfrozen corn kernelssaltcilantro leaveslime juicesteamed rice
  • cook’s illustrated harira (moroccan lentil & chickpea soup)
    This soup is an improved, more complex version of the Moroccan chickpea stew we've been making for years. After the mise en place is done, the execution of the recipe is rather easy. The orzo in this soup gives it a lovely body and texture. ground coriandersmoked paprikaground cuminground cinnamonred pepper flakesolive oilonioncelerygarlicgingercilantroparsleychicken brothwaterchickpeasbrown lentilscrushed tomatoesorzoSwiss chardlemon juicecilantroparsleysaltpepperlemon wedgesharissa
  • fresh whiskey sours
    I have many memories tied to whiskey sours. Collin, my husband, and I drank whiskey sours the night we met. I then made several batches of this for the wedding of one of my high school girlfriends. This drink was also a success at a recent camping trip. This basic recipe yields a 725 ml batch and can be measured and prepared in advance. When happy hour begins, just add the cocktail to some ice and top with a cherry. lemon juicelime juiceagave syrupwhiskeymaraschino cherries
  • hot cocoa from scratch
    I wanted to make hot chocolate for our daughter's camping trip, but wanted to make something a little more special, with hopefully less sugar, than premixed packets. powdered sugarunsweetened cocoa powderdry milk powdersaltcornstarchcayenne pepperwarm milk or hot watercold milk or cold watermarshmallows
  • lentil walnut tacos
    The original recipe includes funny stories about how this filling has been mistaken for meat. In this version of the recipe, I've modified the preparation to optimize the texture of the filling. While a great alternative for vegans on taco night, this recipe is also just delicious on its own. dry French green lentilscinnamon stickbay leavesdried oreganogarlicwater or brothsaltwalnut halvesdried oreganoground cuminchili powdersea saltcooked lentilsextra virgin olive oilwatertortillas
  • mezcal strawberry infusion
    We spotted this cocktail on a menu that we had taken home from Charles Phan's Wo Hing General Store. We hadn't ordered it during our meal there, but it looked good, and we had the supplies on hand, so we gave it a shot. While the infusion takes about a week, the final cocktail is bright and tart, and tastes like summer. A bit of lemon, a splash of agave natural sweetener, and a few dashes of angostura bitters simply compliment the strawberry-infused mezcal. The strawberry cuts any edge off the mezcal, and the cinnamon in the bitters brings out the mezcal's smokiness and a bit of spiciness. Portions below are approximate. Just make sure that you have a good ratio of strawberries to mezcal during the infusion to get that lovely pure strawberry taste. strawberrymezcalstrawberry-infused mezcallemonagave syrupangostura bitters
  • pear & cucumber margarita
    We whipped this up on a warm evening with items we had on hand. This super refreshing margarita was a great way to kick off the weekend, cool off, and even take in some fiber. :) pearcucumberlimetequilacointreauagavelime bittersice