recipes: #chocolate

  • Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche
    baking sodabaking powdercocoa powderAP floursugareggsvanilla extractmayonnaisewaterCrème FraicheDulce de lecheBananasSugar
  • Devil's Food Cupcakes
    sugarall-purpose flourcocoa powderbaking powderbaking sodasaltmilkvegetable oilvanilla extractboiling watereggscream cheeseunsalted butterpowdered sugarvanilla extract
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake
    instant coffee powderbutterdark chocolatecocoa powdervanilla extractbrandy or cognac boiling waterPinch of saltsugarsugareggsalmond meal (ground almonds)cocoa powder and powdered sugar
  • Gateau Au Chocolate with Sabayon
    all-purpose flourbaking powdersaltbittersweet chocolateunsalted butteramarettolarge eggsgranulated sugarwhole eggslemon juiceorange juicezest of the citruspinch of saltsugaregg yolkscream
  • molten chocolate babycakes
    These delicious little desserts are easy to make and their intensity guarantees the triumph of chic over prettiness. You can make the mixture a few hours in advance and pop them in the oven when you're ready, which must be at the moment you're ready to eat them. Simple, decadent, and incredibly satisfying to make. best bittersweet chocolateunsalted buttersugareggsvanilla extractsaltall-purpose flour