recipes: #cocktail shaker

  • alembic's southern exposure
    celery juicelimemintginagave syrup
  • aromatherapy massage
    We love this drink almost as much as we love this hilarious scene from the Queen Latifah/Steve Martin movie, Bringing Down the House. The line with this cocktail's namesake is at 1:09 of the clip. We discovered this drink at the 2012 Science of Cocktails event at the Exploratorium. This refreshing drink is perfect for a hot afternoon or for a bridal shower. The proportions below make two cocktails. cucumber vodkalemon juiceagave nectarrosewaterorange bittersginger beerdried mini rosebudscucumber
  • bourbon and branch’s afternoon tea
    This cocktail is inspired by the one they make at SF’s Bourbon and Branch. They use cucumber-infused gin, but we just make do with what we have on hand. It really does taste like tea with honey and lemon! ginpimm's cuphoneylemoncucumber slices
  • bright rosewater cocktail
    Great recipes sometimes come from happy accidents. We came up with this drink after doing a quick Google search on rosewater cocktails and making do with what we had on hand. The result was juicy, bright, and aromatic. vodkast. germain elderflower liqueurrosewaterlemon
  • chocolate cake shot
    I used to work with this woman named Kate who loves desserts and chocolate. She ordered this shot one day at happy hour, and I was really surprised that the shot really tasted like chocolate cake. I now whip this up for dessert lovers or for family during the holidays. lemon wedgessugarvodkafrangelico
  • clover club
    ginegg whitegrenadinelemon
  • corpse reviver #2
    This cocktail was originally a morning-after cocktail remedy. By delivering a healthy dose of "hair of the dog that bit you," this beverage brought the drinker back to life. Hence, the name corpse reviver. :) pernodmaraschino cherrygincointreaulillet blanclemon juice
  • dark and stormy
    tastes like grown up coca-cola limerumginger beer