recipes: #cook's illustrated

  • a neater way to cook and crisp bacon
    This technique is great for small batches of bacon. The addition of water keeps the initial cooking temperature low and gentle, so the meat retains its moisture and stays tender. This also prevents oil from splattering everywhere. By the time the water reaches its boiling point (212°F), the bacon fat is almost completely rendered, so you're much less likely to burn the meat while waiting for the fat to cook off. The meat plumps up while it cooks instead of shriveling, leaving the bacon pleasantly crisp, not tough or brittle. baconwater
  • charred Brussels sprouts
    We make this veggie side about every two weeks because it is easy, we can prep it in advance, and it is delicious enough to serve for company. Aside from the Brussels sprouts, we usually have all the other ingredients on hand. We measure the olive oil and prepare the lemon/salt mixture in our mini measuring cup to minimize dishes for cleanup. Brussels sproutsextra-virgin olive oilsaltlemon juicesalt and pepperParmesan cheese
  • chinese braised boneless short rib
    When we first made this recipe, we liked how easy it was to start and we loved the end result ... morsels of tender meat coated in delicious sauce. We ran into some problems towards the middle of the original recipe because we didn't own a defatter. We didn't want to buy one just to make this recipe, so we modified it to work with the equipment that we have. boneless beef short ribswaterunflavored gelatindry sherrysoy saucehoisin saucemolassesscallionsgingergarlicfive-spice powderred pepper flakesarrowroot powderwaterblanched veggies
  • cook's illustrated avocado salad with apple and endive
    shallothoneycider vinegarmayonnaiseolive oilsalt and pepperavocadoFuji appleendivechivesblue cheese
  • cook's illustrated basil pesto (doubled)
    This is the first pesto recipe that we've really liked. Other recipes were either bland or had too much olive oil. The flavors in this one are super fresh! Adapted from Cook's Illustrated. Parmesan cheesegarlicfresh basilparsleyextra-virgin olive oilpine nutssaltsalt and pepper
  • cook's illustrated chicken tikka masala
    Chicken tikka masala is one of our favorite dishes to order at an Indian restaurant. With all the cream involved, it probably isn't the leanest option on the menu, but the sauce sure is delicious! This recipe yields a lot of food, so invite people over to share or get ready to eat it for a few days in a row. We sometimes serve this with roasted cauliflower instead of rice. cumincoriandercayenne peppersaltchicken breastsgarlicgingerplain yogurtvegetable oilvegetable oiloniongarlicgingerserrano chiletomato pastegaram masalacanned tomatoessugarsaltheavy creamsaltbasmati ricecilantro