recipes: #dutch oven

  • big d's beef machaca
    Our fall intern Darren indicated in his flavor profile that he really likes beef machaca. No one on the team had tasted machaca before, so we set out to make it. Our recipe has been combined and adapted from the ones posted on Food Network and Epicurious. We served this with the coleslaw recipe from Bakesale Betty's. The machaca and the coleslaw were delicious together! Standing at 6 feet tall, Darren is the tallest member of our team. He towers over all of us, so we've nicknamed Darren "Big D." :) lime juiceworcestershire sauceMaggiwatergarlicserrano chilecuminchili powdersalt and pepperolive oilskirt steakvegetable oilyellow onionbell peppergarlicserrano chilesdried oreganocuminsalt and pepperbeef brothdiced tomatoesTabascosalt and peppertortillaslimesalsalettuceguacamole
  • braised kale with bacon and cider
    baconkaleapple ciderapple cider vinegargranny smith applesaltfreshly ground black pepper
  • carroll shelby's chili
    Carroll Shelby was a car designer, most famous for the Shelby Mustangs, yet also famous for his chili mix. We always have a packet in our pantry. This recipe is easy to make and tastes way better than canned chili. We've modified the ingredients and proportions to our taste, and we sometimes make it ahead of time then simmer it on low to reheat it. It seems to taste better the next day. This simple crowd-pleaser disappears quickly. :) oiloniongarlicground beefCarroll Shelby's Chili Kitsaltdiced tomatoeswaterbeanssteamed ricecheesesour creamcilantrogreen oniondiced onionhot sauce
  • cook's illustrated chicken tikka masala
    Chicken tikka masala is one of our favorite dishes to order at an Indian restaurant. With all the cream involved, it probably isn't the leanest option on the menu, but the sauce sure is delicious! This recipe yields a lot of food, so invite people over to share or get ready to eat it for a few days in a row. We sometimes serve this with roasted cauliflower instead of rice. cumincoriandercayenne peppersaltchicken breastsgarlicgingerplain yogurtvegetable oilvegetable oiloniongarlicgingerserrano chiletomato pastegaram masalacanned tomatoessugarsaltheavy creamsaltbasmati ricecilantro
  • cook's illustrated shrimp tempura with dipping sauce
    This is THE way to make shrimp and veggie tempura. The folks over at Cook's Illustrated are brilliant! With the use of vodka to help ensure lightness, the fried tempura coating turned out perfect. This recipe yields more batter than needed, so we usually fry up some portabello mushroom strips with the remaining batter. This recipe will leave you with a pretty big mess to clean, but it's so worth it! soy saucemirinsugarsesame oilgarlicgingerscallionvegetable oilflourcornstarcheggvodkaseltzer watershrimpkosher saltportobello mushroom
  • danny bowien's beer-braised henan chicken
    Eating this dish is an experience. The food is both spicy and spiced. The heat comes from the sichuan peppers & chiles. The spice comes from the combination of spices that actually make up Chinese five spice. The five spice in combination with the sherry gives it a similar flavor profile to that of char siu (Chinese barbecue pork). The meat is seasoned all the way through with this cooking technique. This recipe yields a lot of food, so be sure to share it with friends! Adapted from a recipe posted on the WSJ. chickensaltfish saucegrapeseed oildried red chilesSichuan peppercornsfennel seedcuminstar anisecardamomChinese chili bean pastechicken stockbeersoy saucesugarpotatoessherry vinegarfish saucecilantrosteamed rice