recipes: #easy veggies

  • charred Brussels sprouts
    We make this veggie side about every two weeks because it is easy, we can prep it in advance, and it is delicious enough to serve for company. Aside from the Brussels sprouts, we usually have all the other ingredients on hand. We measure the olive oil and prepare the lemon/salt mixture in our mini measuring cup to minimize dishes for cleanup. Brussels sproutsextra-virgin olive oilsaltlemon juicesalt and pepperParmesan cheese
  • cook’s illustrated pan-steamed broccolini
    We usually blanch or roast broccolini, so we were eager to try this new technique for them. This recipe is an easy veggie side to compliment weekday meals. waterbroccolinisaltunsalted butterhoneygingerlemon zest
  • fast & simple asparagus preparation
    We grew up eating steamed asparagus with a side of mayo or a side of homemade thousand island (mayo + ketchup + Tabasco), but always wondered if there was a tastier and easier way to prepare asparagus. I found this in JP’s latest book and was surprised at how tasty the asparagus became through this quick and simple preparation. The true flavors of asparagus simply shine when cooked this way. Our one-year-old loves picking up the pieces to feed to herself. Adapted from JP’s Asparagus Ragout recipe from Essential Pepin. JP does a similar delicious and fast treatment for broccoli on page 124 of his other book More Fast Food My Way. waterolive oilasparagusunsalted buttersalt
  • Murasaki sweet potatoes with miso scallion butter
    Let's face it ... in this recipe, the murasaki sweet potato is simply a vessel for the miso butter! ;) This super simple recipe is a crowd-pleaser. We often whip it up when entertaining guests. Murasaki sweet potatoesunsalted butterwhite miso pastescallion
  • roasted baby bok choy
    This is our favorite way to prepare bok choy! This technique is super easy and the leaves develop a light delicious char in the oven. Since we are usually cooking for 2-3 people and this dish is best fresh out of the oven, we have halved this recipe from the original. Use a second rimmed baking sheet if doubling this recipe. baby bok choyolive oilsaltblack pepper
  • roasted broccolini with lemon and parmesan
    lemongarlicbroccoliniolive oilsaltpepperParmesan cheese
  • whole cauliflower with fried capers and crushed almonds
    While this recipe requires about an hour of lead time, this is by far the easiest and tastiest cauliflower preparation we've tried to date! extra virgin olive oilsea saltcauliflowerextra virgin olive oilcapers in brineunsalted butterslivered almonds