recipes: #hand blender

  • Baked Eggs with Roasted Tomato Sauce
    Roma TomatoesJalapeñoVegetable OilKosher SaltYellow OnionGarlicVegetable StockCilantroSugarEggsCheeseTostada ShellsSour CreamGuacamole
  • coriander & mint chutney
    You never know when you'll run into a recipe. In this case, we were in a cab hauling home our very first Le Creuset from the Bloomingdale's sale. The conversation with the cab driver quickly moved to food, and he told us that he was a really good Indian cook. We told him that we had been dying to know how to make that lovely cilantro chutney served at Dosa (with papad) and at Naan and Curry (with chicken tikka masala), and he easily rattled off the ingredients and process off the top of his head. We make this regularly - either when we want to have it with papad or when we have leftover cilantro, green onion, or mint that we don't want to waste. The proportions below are estimates... We usually prepare a batch and adjust ingredients to taste. coriandermintgreen onionlemonyogurtsaltpepper
  • Curried Sweet Potato Soup Peanut Butter
    Coconut oilOnionred bell peppercarrotcurry powderpeppergarlicground cuminsweet potatovegetable stockhoneynatural peanut butterscallions
  • easy hand blender salsa
    We'll often whip up this salsa when we have extra fresh tomatoes. The ingredients will often vary and are often subject to what we have on hand, so it is a surprise every time, but it always turns out good. Proportions are never exact for this, so none are listed in this recipe. We use the hand blender to mix up the cumin, garlic, and veggie scraps that we then combine with the salsa for a rich, saucy texture. After all the salsa is gone, we'll often combine leftover salsa juice with tequila for a quick bloody maria. cuminlime juicegarlictomatoonionjalapenocilantrogreen onionfish saucepepperketchuptortilla chips
  • Ensalada Limeña
    eggslime juicered wine vinegargarlichoneycilantrodried oreganoextra virgin olive oilsaltpepperbutter lettucered onioncarrotsaltpepperavocadoshearts of palmbotija olivesqueso fresco
  • fast pork and tomatillo stew
    This is a really tasty, hearty, yet healthy way to enjoy pork tenderloin. In the first step, the pork browns beautifully. Once combined with the vegetables and beans, this one-pot meal quickly comes together. It is easy enough to pull off on a weeknight, but good enough for a comforting Sunday supper. I found this as a newspaper clipping amongst my mother-in-law's recipes. porkolive oilwatertomatillosjalapenooniongarliclime juicecilantrosaltblack beanscilantro sprigstortillascooked rice
  • jacques pepin's buttermilk strawberry shortcake with (or without) chipotle
    This recipe is a result of 2 coincidences. The first was the creation of strawberry chipotle jam to substitute for mango chutney for Mother’s day. The second came out from the desire to make use of leftover buttermilk from the wasabi ranch dressing we made for fried green beans. The finished product resulted in a delicious dessert with a kick! We found the recipe for buttermilk strawberry shortcake by flipping through the index of Jacques Pepin’s Essential Pepin. In addition to making use of our leftover buttermilk, it also made use of leftover sour cream, mint, and jam. It called for strawberry jam, but we used strawberry chipotle jam because it’s what we had on hand. We would definitely make it again with chipotle. strawberriesstrawberry chipotle jamall-purpose flourcake flourbaking powderbaking sodasugarsaltbutterbuttermilksour creammint
  • jacques pepin's watercress soup
    Remember that eggplant salad recipe? Here’s a great way to make use of leftover watercress stems and leaves. Since you purée the soup with a hand blender, you don’t have to worry about chopping your vegetables perfectly. This recipe is easy to make, and the soup is comforting and filling. It also freezes well. This recipe can be made vegan by replacing chicken stock with vegetable broth. Adapted from Essential Pepin. canola oilwatercressceleryoniongarlicsaltpotatochicken stockfried wonton strips