recipes: #hog-provisions

  • mrs. braganza's thyme and tarragon chicken
    This is one of our favorite chicken dishes, and it is crazy easy to make. We've been cooking it since college and learned it from our friend's mom. Something magical happens when the flavors of the thyme, tarragon, mayo, and dijon combine and intensify. This recipe easily scales. Just remember the proportions of 1 teaspoon of each herb (dried) and 1 tablespoon of each sauce per chicken breast. You may need to adjust cooking times depending on the thickness and quantity of your chicken breast pieces. fresh thymefresh tarragonmayonnaisedijon mustardchicken breaststeamed rice or cooked quinoa
  • quick cooking mirin salmon
    This dish is a weeknight winner and yet is also impressive enough for entertaining. Marination is a prep step, so it requires a little bit of pre-planning. But after all the prep and marination is complete, the salmon only takes a few minutes to cook. The level of effort to make this dish is so low considering how flavorful it is. In this preparation, the salmon is beautifully rare with a nice char on its base. Marination ensures that the fish is seasoned through. The lemon dressing compliments it perfectly, being just the right proportion of salty, bright, complex, and rich. mirinsoy saucebrown sugarTabascoextra virgin olive oillemon juicesesame oilsaltTabascosalmonsesame seeds