recipes: #juicer

  • alembic's southern exposure
    celery juicelimemintginagave syrup
  • juicy lucy’s NYC skin juice
    During one of our trips to NYC in January 2012, we would buy this juice in the morning from the little Cuban coffee shack outside of the hotel. This juice was delicious after a night of wining and dining. We now make it fresh with our Jack La Lanne juicer whenever we have the time to process and buy pineapples from Costco. Whether it actually fixes the skin, we're not sure, but it sure does taste good. :) pineapple cucumber granny smith apple
  • laughing water cocktail from wo hing’s general store
    This is my husband's new favorite drink! The waitress at Charles Phan’s Wo Hing General Store steered us towards this cocktail when we asked for something tart and strong. My husband loves it because it is nice and dry. What a great discovery! We think that it is named as such because it is smooth like water. And after a few of them, you’ll be laughing at most anything! :) ryedry vermouthpineapple juicelemoncinnamon
  • McManus family spring punch
    This was Carm's favorite drink at the CUESA birthday party. whiskeycreme de pecheasian pear juicelemon juicemint
  • slanted door's singapore sling
    The Singapore Sling at San Francisco's Slanted Door is served tall with ice and is super smooth and well-balanced. My father in law was so impressed that I took a stab at reverse-engineering the recipe. ginfresh pressed pineapple juicelime juicebenedictinecherry heeringcointreauangostura bitters