recipes: #one-pot

  • jacques pepin's lamb curry
    This is a great dish to make on a Sunday night. You make a big batch and eat it through the week as it keeps for 5-6 days in the fridge. You could also freeze part of it to eat in a few weeks. The parsley really compliments the apple and banana flavors in the curry. peanut oilboneless lamb legallspicecurry powdercuminbay leavessalttomato pastewateronionapplesbananasteamed white riceparsleychutneyraisinsshredded coconut
  • jerusalem's chicken with caramelized onion & cardamom rice
    This recipe is an easy and flavorful one-pot meal that utilizes a whole chicken. It's great for easy entertaining or for cooking on a Sunday to enjoy throughout the week. olive oilonionschickensaltpepperolive oilcardamomwhole clovescinnamon sticksbasmati ricecurrantssaltpepperboiling waterdillcilantroparsleysalt and pepperGreek yogurt
  • matt's braised chicken with preserved lemons and olives
    We love any opportunity to use preserved lemons in a dish. This recipe came from my old coworker Matt. We’ll often cook this up for guests because it’s relatively easy to make, and it’s impressive enough to serve to company. All of the proportions can be adjusted to taste and availability. Leftovers keep really well and taste even better the next day. basmati riceturmericpaprikacayenne peppercoriander seedsblack peppercinnamonras el hanoutchicken thighsyellow oniongarlicgingerwhite winechicken stocksaffronolivespreserved lemonsolive oilgreek yogurtcilantro
  • ranch beef chili
    Here in ranch country, we are super fortunate to be living in a valley where everything that we could possibly desire food-wise, with the exception of maple syrup, can be sourced right here. After a long day of working the land I imagine the boys of cow country sitting down to a bowl of chili. The harvest of the summer tomatoes, beans and peppers simmered together with some heat to keep warm during the cool autumn evenings. vegetable oilyellow oniongreen bell pepperchili powderchipotle pepper powdercumin powdercoriander powderoreganocayenne peppergarlicground beeffire roasted tomatoestomato saucesaltwatercooked black beanscayennebrown sugarsaltstrauss (european style) whole milk yogurtthinly sliced green onionavocadogoat gouda