recipes: #parchment paper

  • Bastilla
    minced garlicRice bran oil for fryingsmoked paprikaKosher salt and black pepperyellow onionsminced gingerchicken thighsRas al hanoutchicken stocksaffron threadsbay leavescinnamon stickcinnamoncilantrosliced almondsgolden raisinspowdered sugarfueille de brick doughbutter
  • cook's illustrated shrimp tempura with dipping sauce
    This is THE way to make shrimp and veggie tempura. The folks over at Cook's Illustrated are brilliant! With the use of vodka to help ensure lightness, the fried tempura coating turned out perfect. This recipe yields more batter than needed, so we usually fry up some portabello mushroom strips with the remaining batter. This recipe will leave you with a pretty big mess to clean, but it's so worth it! soy saucemirinsugarsesame oilgarlicgingerscallionvegetable oilflourcornstarcheggvodkaseltzer watershrimpkosher saltportobello mushroom
  • cook's illustrated's peanut butter sandwich cookies
    If you liked Nutter Butter as a kid, this cookie is a grown-up version of it. This Cook's Illustrated recipe showcases delicious, unprocessed peanut butter flavor and pairs it with a nice crunchy texture. We went through a whole carton of whole milk (gasp) eating up these cookies. These are the best peanut butter cookies we've ever had! Adapted from the March/April 2012 issue of Cook’s Illustrated. raw peanutsflourbaking sodasaltunsalted buttercreamy peanut buttersugarlight brown sugarwhole milkeggcreamy peanut butterunsalted butterconfectioner's sugar
  • cook's illustrated's salted thin and crispy oatmeal cookies
    This recipe is a fun take on the traditional oatmeal cookie. There are no raisins, and the cookie itself is thin, crispy, and a little salty. Amazing! baking powderbaking sodasaltflourunsalted buttersugarlight brown sugareggvanilla extractrolled oatscoarse sea salt
  • Dark Chocolate Mousse with Alfajores Cookies
    brown sugarevaporated milkbuttervanilla extractbittersweet chocolatewateregg yolkspowdered sugarFrangelicoheavy creambutterpowdered sugarsugarsaltvanilla extractalmond mealall purpose flourpowdered sugarfresh berries
  • french bread pizza
    This is a really simple recipe that makes great use of leftover bread. We actually used to make sliced bread pizzas in college in the toaster oven, and to this day, we still make it a point to have pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on hand just in case we need a quick meal. We'll sometimes make this for breakfast on the weekends. french breadbutterpizza saucemozzarellacanola oileggparsleysalt and pepper
  • gwyneth paltrow’s recipe for chicken and dumplings
    This is another great recipe that our friend Brent shared with us. We sat on it for a while and were skeptical of the recipe since it came from a celebrity who we didn't know cooked. But Brent kept asking us if we had made it yet, as he truly vouched for it, so we gave it a shot. This recipe is definitely a keeper! The flavors were rich and robust, and the dumplings turned out light and fluffy. This meal is hearty, so you might want to avoid it if you are on a diet. We would make this dish again to share with family. Everything can be made ahead up to the point of the dumplings. When plating the dish, spoon the juice around the dumplings so that they don't get soggy. organic whole chickensalt pepper unsalted butterextra virgin olive oilcelerycarrotleekduck baconbay leaffresh thymewhite winechicken stockwaterflourbaking powderhalf-and-halfsaltfresh parsley