recipes: #pressure cooker

  • braised short ribs in red wine sauce
    This is such a delicious and easy way to prepare braised short ribs. The pressure cooker does most of the heavy lifting. You just need to brown the meat, soften the veggies, toss in some flour, then add everything else. The frozen pearl onions help reduce prep time. We dug this out of a vintage Jacques Pepin book, The Short-Cut Cook. short ribsrendered fatfrozen pearl onionscarrotsgarlicflourherbes de Provencesaltblack pepperred bliss potatoesred wineparsley
  • chinese braised boneless short rib
    When we first made this recipe, we liked how easy it was to start and we loved the end result ... morsels of tender meat coated in delicious sauce. We ran into some problems towards the middle of the original recipe because we didn't own a defatter. We didn't want to buy one just to make this recipe, so we modified it to work with the equipment that we have. boneless beef short ribswaterunflavored gelatindry sherrysoy saucehoisin saucemolassesscallionsgingergarlicfive-spice powderred pepper flakesarrowroot powderwaterblanched veggies
  • how to cook beans in a pressure cooker without having to soak them
    In trying to use up a bunch of our pantry items, we found some leftover dried beans from previous projects. We recently got a pressure cooker and had read about how easy it was to cook beans in them, so we decided to try it out. We were impressed! As promised, the cooking time was super fast, and the beans turned out perfect. Since it is kind of a pain to pull out the pressure cooker from its box on the storage shelf and clean it, we decided to cook a few batches of different beans and use them throughout the week. Now that we know how to prepare them, we will definitely be cooking dried beans regularly! dried beanswaterbay leafcinnamon stickgarlic clovesonionsaltpepperolive oilvinegar or citrus juice
  • recipe for boneless kalbi in pressure cooker
    Our Costco carries boneless short ribs, and when the marbling on them looks gorgeous, we always buy them. We often make braised short ribs in red wine sauce, but started to fear that we were going to tire of it, so we figured out a Korean way to prepare the boneless short ribs. We basically took the seasoning from one of our kalbi jjim recipes and combined it with the technique from the recipe for braised short ribs in red wine sauce. We're a fan of this technique because you simply brown the meat, then throw everything in the pot and set it and forget it. This recipe is delicious the day of, but always better the next day. pearkiwioniongarlicsoy saucesesame oilmirinshort ribswaterdaikon radishcarrotgingershiitake mushroomscooked quinoapine nuts