recipes: #prunenyc

  • gabrielle hamilton's fennel baked in cream (finocchio al forno)
    This is a decadent and delicious way to enjoy fennel. Because fennel is the primary seasoning in pepperoni, our home smelled like pepperoni while it baked. This can be served as a side, or even as main course if paired with a simple salad. We usually make this dish around the time we make make GQ's sazerac-cured salmon so that we can make full use of all the fennel pieces. fennelheavy creamparmesankosher saltblack pepperunsalted butterparmesan
  • Prune NYC's grilled lamb blade chops
    This specific cut of meat goes on sale from time to time at our local Whole Foods, so we were excited to find this recipe for it in the Prune cookbook. We usually only cook two of these at a time, so we scaled down the original recipe. Also don't have easy access to a grill nowadays so we cook the lamb in our cast iron skillet instead. We like to serve this with stewed kale and some sort of grain, like quinoa, to soak up the resting juices. kosher salthot watericerosemaryblack peppercornscold waterlamb blade chopsevoosalt and pepperdried Greek oregano
  • whole cauliflower with fried capers and crushed almonds
    While this recipe requires about an hour of lead time, this is by far the easiest and tastiest cauliflower preparation we've tried to date! extra virgin olive oilsea saltcauliflowerextra virgin olive oilcapers in brineunsalted butterslivered almonds