recipes: #rick bayless

  • rick bayless' red chileatole mexican soup recipe
    This soup is great for a simple, savory, and healthy weeknight meal. Leftovers taste even better the next day. The spices, zucchini, and shiitake mushrooms make for a great soup base, and the lean chicken adds protein to keep you full. We found the ancho chili powder at our local Rainbow Market where they sell tons of spices in bulk, but Rick Bayless writes that McCormick also makes ancho powder that he likes. Adapted from Rick Bayless' Mexican Everyday. avocado oilwhite oniongarlicancho chile powdermasa harinachicken brothshiitake mushroomszucchiniepazotechicken breastssalt
  • rick bayless' salmon en pipian verde ajonjoli
    This is a super exciting way to prepare salmon! This dish is hearty, meaty, yet tender. The refreshing cilantro balances out the intense, concentrated flavors. This is definitely a keeper recipe. We have modified the proportions for 2 servings. Adapted from Rick Bayless' Mexican Everyday. tomatillo salsavegetable oilchicken brothtahinisaltsugarpeasfish filletssesame seedscilantro
  • rick bayless' sauce with roasted peppers and garlic
    This is a delicious sauce that can Rick Bayless uses to season halibut ceviche. We have also used this sauce to compliment porchetta and will often whip it up when we have the ingredients on hand since it keeps in the fridge for a 3 months. garlicserrano chilesparsleycilantroolive oilsalt
  • rick bayless' shrimp linguine with garlic mojo, chipotle, and parmesan
    This ain't your regular old garlic pasta dish. This recipe is instantly elevated with the use of garlic mojo - a Mexican condiment made up of concentrated garlic seasoned with lime in olive oil. The mojo in combination with chipotle chiles makes this a truly unique pasta dish that can't really be classified into a specific cuisine. This is a great spicy go-to dish for the weekday or weekend. Adapted from Rick Bayless. saltlinguinepasta watergarlic mojo oilshrimpsaltchipotle chiles en adobogarlic mojoparsleyMexican queso anejo
  • rick bayless' smoky chipotle salsa with tomatillos
    We’ve always been a fan of salsa as it is relatively low in calories and always tasty! We couldn’t help ourselves when we read this recipe in Rick Bayless’Mexican Everyday book. Not only does it have tomatillos AND chipotles, but it also has a variation that calls for a splash of mezcal making it a borracha (drunken) salsa. This salsa was as tasty as the recipe promised. Per the recipe liner notes, we even sautéed chicken breast with it for a quick weeknight meal. Adapted from Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless. If you ever get your hands on this book, be sure to read through the well-written introduction on Rick’s common sense philosophy on healthy eating. garlictomatilloscanned chipotle chileswatersalt mezcal
  • rick bayless' woodland mushroom torta with goat cheese
    This is such a delicious version of a torta. The mushrooms become bright when baked with the mojo. The tangy goat cheese compliments it, and the black beans make it a satisfying meal. We'll sometimes enjoy leftovers with eggs the next day. You can make this into individual sandwiches, or you can assemble it with one long loaf and then cut it into pieces. crimini mushroomsshitake mushroomsoyster mushroomsmojosaltepazoteolive oilgarlicblack beansbolilo rollsgoat cheesearugulasalsa