recipes: #whisk

  • almond chicken soup with sweet potato, collards, and ginger
    chicken stockyellow oniongarlicsweet potatochicken breastsmooth almond buttercollard leavesfresh gingercoarse saltfreshly ground black pepperlime
  • basic miso soup
    We'll often whip up this super simple soup to accompany our Japanese meals or to make use of leftover miso paste. Dashi is Japanese soup base. If we don't have any dashi in our freezer, we just use dashi from a packet. Adapted from Hiroji Obayashi's Simple Delicacies. dashimiso pastetofugreen onionswakame
  • Bastilla
    minced garlicRice bran oil for fryingsmoked paprikaKosher salt and black pepperyellow onionsminced gingerchicken thighsRas al hanoutchicken stocksaffron threadsbay leavescinnamon stickcinnamoncilantrosliced almondsgolden raisinspowdered sugarfueille de brick doughbutter
  • big d's beef machaca
    Our fall intern Darren indicated in his flavor profile that he really likes beef machaca. No one on the team had tasted machaca before, so we set out to make it. Our recipe has been combined and adapted from the ones posted on Food Network and Epicurious. We served this with the coleslaw recipe from Bakesale Betty's. The machaca and the coleslaw were delicious together! Standing at 6 feet tall, Darren is the tallest member of our team. He towers over all of us, so we've nicknamed Darren "Big D." :) lime juiceworcestershire sauceMaggiwatergarlicserrano chilecuminchili powdersalt and pepperolive oilskirt steakvegetable oilyellow onionbell peppergarlicserrano chilesdried oreganocuminsalt and pepperbeef brothdiced tomatoesTabascosalt and peppertortillaslimesalsalettuceguacamole
  • blueberry muffin tops
    A toasty kitchen, with coffee brewing, and the smell of blueberries, sugar and butter baking in the oven - that's the perfect Sunday morning experience at my house. The warmth in the kitchen is only matched by my children's smiles, upon seeing their breakfast treat. This is perhaps our most used recipe. unsalted butterwhole milkeggegg yolkvanillaall-purpose floursugarbaking powdersaltfresh blueberriesunsalted butterall-purpose floursugar
  • Breakfast Frittata
    potatoeseggsturmeric spicesaltpepperorganic chicken sausageolive oilred bell pepperparmesan cheeseavocadocilantro
  • buena vista's irish coffee
    Inspired by an article on warm cocktails from New York's Timeout magazine, we hunted down this recipe and found it on the Buena Vista website. We've adjusted the proportions, ingredients, and steps to our taste. The trickiest part is pouring in the whipping cream over the spoon so that it floats over the coffee. :) hot waterespressosugarirish whiskeywhipping cream
  • celery root remoulade
    celery rootsaltlemon juicemayonnaiseDijon mustardwhole grain mustardlemon juicewhite wine vinegarsaltpepper
  • cha cha cha's chicken paillards with dijon mustard sauce
    We often order this dish whenever we go to Cha Cha Cha's. After we eat up all the chicken, we eat up all of the sauce by dipping our bread in it. Adapted from their cookbook Cook, Eat, Cha Cha Cha: Festive New World Recipes. heavy creamworcestershire saucedijon mustardbasilsaltblack pepperchicken breastsolive oil
  • chicken caesar salad recipe from the anthonys
    When our family travelled to Washington DC in 2010 to visit the Anthonys, their long-time family friends, they came home with this amazing chicken caesar salad recipe. We'll often make this after a trip to Costco. We'll shred the breast from the rotisserie chicken, make the croutons from their roasted garlic bread, and cut up romaine lettuce from there. This is a versatile and tasty dish that can be portioned as an appetizer or as a meal. We are always excited when this dish is on the menu for the day. chicken breastsolive oilgarlic breadgarlicsaltlemon juiceWorcestershire saucelight mayonnaisesalt and pepperanchovy pasteextra light olive oilromaineparmesan cheese