recipes: #whole chicken

  • charles phan's hainan chicken
    This recipe is one of our favorite preparations for a whole chicken. While we've adapted this recipe from Charles Phan's Slanted Door, we've made a few modifications. First, we use duck fat instead of chicken fat, mostly because we never have chicken fat on hand but duck fat is easily accessible from our butcher. Second, we cycle our chicken broth forward so that we have broth on hand for the next time we make this dish, see notes for more details. We also serve the whole chicken, including the breast. Last, we emulate the preparation from SF's Khin Khao in that we serve it with well-seasoned chicken broth on the side. kosher saltwhole chickengingergreen onionssaltduck fatjasmine ricegarlicThai chiligingerfish saucelimesugarcilantro
  • Chinese poached chicken with ginger-soy dressing
    This recipe is a different interpretion of the Hainan chicken we usually make, but it is really good! The gentle cooking technique yields juicy, flavorful chicken. We actually like the texture that the cabbage adds and we appreciate how the poaching broth is repurposed for the sauce and rice. Leftovers are great at room temp the next day. cilantroscallionswaterhon miringingerkosher saltwhole chickenpoaching brothscallionssoy sauceavocado oilgingerrice vinegartoasted sesame oilwhite sugarcooked ricenapa cabbage
  • jerusalem's chicken with caramelized onion & cardamom rice
    This recipe is an easy and flavorful one-pot meal that utilizes a whole chicken. It's great for easy entertaining or for cooking on a Sunday to enjoy throughout the week. olive oilonionschickensaltpepperolive oilcardamomwhole clovescinnamon sticksbasmati ricecurrantssaltpepperboiling waterdillcilantroparsleysalt and pepperGreek yogurt
  • roasted split chicken with mustard crust
    Like many recipes in Jacques Pepin's book More Fast Food My Way, this recipe is super simple and super good. We usually prepare this recipe per the instructions below, but we've also used this butchering technique and seasoning combination to prepare a whole butterflied chicken for cooking on the grill. saltherbes de ProvenceTabascoDijon mustardolive oilsoy saucedry white winegarlicwhole chicken