recipes: vegan

  • Alternative Mint Chip Ice Cream
    cocoa powdermaple syruphoneyvanillapeppermint extractsaltcoconut milkcashews
  • alton brown’s slow-roast tomatoes
    Again, we were in a predicament where we had too many tomatoes and not enough time to eat through the whole batch before it went bad. We had the Exploratorium’s Science of Cocktails event in a few days, then we were flying out to NYC the very next day. This recipe is so simple, we whipped it up from memory. The measurements and herb mix don’t have to be precise; we usually make do with whatever we have on hand. The tomatoes keep for a month in the fridge and keep forever in the freezer. Our favorite way to eat these are with a piece of baguette. We simply cut the baguette to size, slap on some goat’s milk butter, throw on a slow-roast tomato, and then warm the whole thing in the oven. Since the tomatoes roast for about 10 hours, we usually prepare this before going to bed. Adapted from Alton Brown’s book I’m Just Here for the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking. tomatoesolive oilsugarfresh minced herbskosher saltblack pepperbaguette or other crunchy bread
  • arroz verde
    Arroz verde, or cilantro rice, is a common accompaniment in Peruvian cuisine. It goes perfectly with a rotisserie chicken or grilled fish and your favorite veggies. I brought this to the PBNC office for a potluck lunch to thank and say farewell to a couple of awesome Summer volunteers! Unfortunately, it turned out that one of those lovely volunteers didn't like cilantro! Thank goodness there was pleny of other deliciousness at the table. Rest assured, the entire large bowl of cilantro rice was devoured by the rest of us. =) cilantrochicken stockmedium or long-grain white riceolive oilchick stock
  • Asian Greens with Ginger Carrot Miso Dressing
    This salad is a great starter for a stir-fry dinner. It also works as an entree with the addition of teriyaki glazed tofu, grilled chicken or salmon. shiitake mushroomssesame oilsea saltsmoked paprikaginger rootgarliccarrotrice wine vinegarlimemiso pastehoneytoasted sesame oilsesame oilsea saltAsian mixed greensradishescarrots
  • Asparagus with Chana Dal
    I love asparagus, it cooks in just a few minutes and it’s the best source of Folate (one of the most important nutrients especially for women). I tried mixing it with some Chana Dal (my new favorite lentil) and I am addicted. Chana dal is simply a split chickpea without the skin and you can buy it at any Indian grocer. You only need to fry it for a short time and it becomes crunchy and edible. It’s now a staple in almost all my vegetable dishes. Don’t get hung up if you don’t have all the spices I’ve listed – add your own blend. coconut oilchana dalsplit urad dalmustard seedcumin seedasafetidaasparagussalt to taste
  • Baby Lettuce Salad w/ Grilled Stone Fruit and Sherry Vinaigrette
    butter lettuceKosher saltrice bran oilwhole almondsextra-virgin olive oilpeachessherry vinegardijon mustardZest and juice of an orangeKosher salt and black pepper to tastesheep's cheesefennel