recipes: versatile

  • Alternative Marshmallows
    Use nourishing gelatin from grass-fed cows to make a delicious health-supportive version of a classic marshmallow. Maple syrup replaces the corn syrup used in commercial marshmallows. The variations are endless: try coating the marshmallows with different toppings such as chopped nuts, spices, or cocoa, or mixing different flavors and extracts into the boiled mixture. coconut oilshredded coconutfiltered watergrass-fed beef gelatinmaple syrupvanilla extractsalt
  • Anticuchos (Grilled Beef Heart) with Chimichurri
    Popular in South America and traditionally made with beef heart, this dish can also be prepared with other types of meat. An acid-based marinade works to tenderize the heart, which is particularly high in protein, various minerals, and B vitamins. chiles de árbolbeef heartred wine vinegarjalapeñogarlicsea saltcuminblack pepperlard or tallowItalian parsleyolive oilred wine vinegarcilantrocumin seedsred pepper flakessaltgarlic
  • Antipasto
    We were very proud when Mom would make one of her colorful antipasti for church gatherings, but we loved to have them at home, all to ourselves. Mom had learned to make this dish when she married Dad. The antipasto is the first, or appetizer, course in Italian cuisine. The course begins the meal by introducing a variety of tastes, awakening the palate to what will follow. In Italy, the contents of the antipasto vary from season to season, depending on what is available, and the course is often served buffet-style, with many separate offerings. In Roseto, Pennsylvania, the plated antipasto often includes garden vegetables canned throughout the year, and the hostess served the antipasto with drinks while dinner was cooking. Either way, it's easy to do and doesn't involve any cooking. It's perfect if you're hosting guests for cocktails before dinner out. romaine lettucewhite albacore tunaroasted red pepperspepperoncini peppersFresh Italian parsleyhard-boiled eggsanchoviesblack olivesgreen olivesGenoa salamiprosciuttoartichoke heartsmushroomsCheddar cheeseMonterey Jack cheeseolive oil
  • Asian Rice and Herb Salad
    This rice salad is nutritious and filling. The many levels of Asian flavors give it spark and depth. white ricethai or regular basilmintcilantrochivestoasted coconut flakes1/3 medium pineapplelime juice from 1 limeoptional sea salt and pepper to tastewatercress (if unavailable can be left out)jalapeño or serrano peppergarlicgingershallotextra virgin olive oil
  • avocado toast
    We have a tough time calling this a recipe ... we think of it more as a collection of ingredients that come together to make something delicious. We'll often whip this up as an easy breakfast, snack or side. The crunchy salt is important as it adds a a nice texture contrast and balances out the sweet avocado. baguettegoat milk butteravocadochia seedsolive oilMaldon sea salt
  • Baked Egg with Veggies
    This is a fun new way to eat eggs. Swap the squash with other veggies if preferred! Diced White OnionDiced Summer SquashNutritional YeastLemon juicePepperPasture Raised EggsParsley to garnishExtra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Baked Falafel with Tahini Sauce
    Falafel is a protein-rich vegetarian food. It is a common food in the Levant and throughout the Middle East. Falafel are traditionally deep fried, but can be baked, as in this version. Tahini, or sesame butter, is a staple of Levantine cuisine. Tahini sauce is typically served with falafel. dried chickpeasscallionsgarlicparsleycilantrocumin seedcoriander seedred pepper flakesfreshly ground black peppersea saltbrown sesame seedsolive oillemon juicegarlicsea saltsweet paprikawater
  • baked sushi
    We made this dish for our friends the night we hosted the Holiday Karaoke Extravaganza that turned into the Epic Loft Party. One of us asked for this recipe after trying it at a party we had attended a few years back, and now we are passing it on so that you too can share this at your next party! Adapted from a recipe from our family friend Shelley Kurata who in turn got it from Kathy Kurata. mayonnaisesour creamkambokotobiko roegreen onionsshitake mushroomsricecooking sprayfurikakekorean seasoned nori
  • Berry Coulis
    Packed with health supportive antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, the berries in this recipe are a wonderful way to satiate a sweet tooth while incorporating natural sweeteners. berrieswatermaple syruplemon juicesea salt