recipes: vietnamese

  • Banana Chiffon Cake
    AP flourBaking PowderSaltSugarCoconut milkRice bran oileggSugarpureed bananasVanilla extractCream of tartar. 0.5 tspEggSugarheavy creamcrème fraicheeggmarsalasugarBananasSugar (for bruleed bananas)Toasted coconut
  • charles phan's hainan chicken
    This recipe is one of our favorite preparations for a whole chicken. While we've adapted this recipe from Charles Phan's Slanted Door, we've made a few modifications. First, we use duck fat instead of chicken fat, mostly because we never have chicken fat on hand but duck fat is easily accessible from our butcher. Second, we cycle our chicken broth forward so that we have broth on hand for the next time we make this dish, see notes for more details. We also serve the whole chicken, including the breast. Last, we emulate the preparation from SF's Khin Khao in that we serve it with well-seasoned chicken broth on the side. kosher saltwhole chickengingergreen onionssaltduck fatjasmine ricegarlicThai chiligingerfish saucelimesugarcilantro
  • charles phan's hot and sour shrimp
    We make this whenever we can get our hands on bac ha, which is the stem of the taro plant. We usually find it at the Asian market. It kind of looks like styrofoam when sliced, but it has a delicious crunchy texture that holds in the soup. Because the soup base is simmered and strained for the first phase, there's no need to pick out the seeds from the "seedless" tamarind paste. The paste will break up in the hot broth and the seeds will be separated when the soup is strained. chicken stockseedless tamarind pulpthai chilesavocado oilgarlicfish saucefreshly squeezed lime juicekosher saltshrimppineapplemung bean sproutsbac hafresh cilantrotoasted garlic
  • charles phan's lemongrass pork banh mi
    lemongrassgarlickosher saltcoriander seedsblack peppercanola oilpork loinlightweight baguettemayonnaisepâtécucumbercilantropickled carrotsjalapeñosMaggi Seasoning Sauce
  • charles phan's pickled carrots
    These carrots keep in the fridge for 1 week. They are an essential component in Vietnamese sandwiches, but we also toss any leftover carrots in salads. Be sure to drain them well before using. white vinegarsugarkosher saltcarrots
  • Dry Fried Spicy Green Beans
    green beans or Chinese long beansKosher saltneutral oilgarlicsambal (garlic and chili paste)Chinese Shaoxing wine (sherry works)soy saucesugartoasted sesame oil
  • Grilled Eggplant with Garlic and Scallions (Cà Nuong)
    Salt and pepperChinese eggplantRice bran oil for brushing eggplantrice bran oilscallionsof finely minced gingerclovesPinch of chili flakeskecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy)
  • Lemongrass Beef
    LemongrassShallotFish sauceHoisin sauceGarlicHanger Steak GarlicSambalFish saucePalm sugar syrupLime juiceWaterFresh herbsFried shallots
  • shaking beef
    This recipe is great for special weekend meals or for entertaining a small group. The original recipe uses filet mignon but it is easier and cheaper for us to get rib eye, and honestly, we like the fattier meat better. :) For the ultimate flavor bomb, we pair this with Hands on Gourmet's garlic noodles, but if we're strapped for time, we just serve it with rice. rib eyesugarsaltblack pepperavocado oilrice vinegarmirinlight soy saucedark soy saucesugarfish saucekosher saltblack pepperlimeavocado oilred oniongreen onionsgarlicunsalted butterwatercress